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May 15, 2011


This cake looks divine!

Oh YUM! You have just put me in the mood for some of this..I think I will make it for tonight! Thanks! :D

TWO CUPS of sugar??! Wow! But it looks divine. And that frosting ...!

Decadent! Is this the recipe on the powdered cocoa container. I looove this cake; it makes your soul sing! ;-D enJOY your splurge and you are so right, it must be worth every bite~

Yesterday after church, we ate some lunch, and I immediately just got out all the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies because it was "one of those days" ... I lost track of how many I actually consumed!!! Your cake sounds heavenly!!!!

The chocolate!!! The frosting!!! It's a good thing you don't live next door :~)

Is that what it is? the raging hormones that makes me want chocolate all the time! I think this is the recipe that I follow for my chocolate cake from scratch. And it is the best ever!!! We have a market here called Trader Joes and they just began selling a box mix for chocolate cake made from all natural ingredients and it is the closest chocolate cake to made from scratch that I've ever tasted. Yum yum.

LORRAINE!!!! A simple recipe is THE BEST...oh how I remember my mom's Devil's Food cake...BETTY CROCKER, from scratch...thank you for visiting me and if you want to be a party of the Paris party link, just let me know for SURE and I will put you on my list IMMEDIATELY! Have a magnificent day dearest one! Anita

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