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April 29, 2011


Lorraine you make me laugh! Those are sexy legs girl! My mom is 5 feet tall on a good day and her secret wish is that in the eternities she can be a big, giant black man! When I asked her why she said. When I walk down the street no one notices me--I would love to have physical presence.... whatever mom.

Lorraine, you look beautiful in those photos! Girl, we have got to love the legs that God has given us. I have always hated my big legs. My oldest daughter has super long legs and I do envy her a little bit, but she also has huge feet whereas I have small feet :) Now, I'm trying more to think of the positives and work on the things that I can change. p.s. love that you are making an effort to write your memories down

..and we all want your beautiful hair!!!!!!

Over this last year I have asked my Mom different questions about her life before her daughters. Who knew she spent a whole summer in highschool years barefoot? I have found out the most fun information or just information that mattered. So I appreciate that you are writing your memories down. One day it will mean so much!!!!

Happy, beautiful day to you sweet Lorraine!

you couldn't be any more adorable than you already are. I love the pictures, they are classic. Please please show us your fake splits at our next art group......

Just think of
where those lovely
legs have taken you,
my friend....and
where you will still
travel together : )
Strong and beautiful
and so willing to
take you where you
need to go! I'd call
that very lucky, indeed!
xx Suzanne

Dont we always want what others have? Hey, I guess we should be happy that we stood in a line and got somethin', right?? :) Everyone always gives me lovely comments about my long straight hair and all I ever wanted was CURLS! It takes awhile to appreciate what god gave us...
Love these lil snippets of memories. I must do the same too - cuz come on, our memories are fadin and our legs aint get any longer.....

love your post today my friend...love your idea of writing down your memories! I always wanted thick hair...mine is so fine..trade you!

Hugs. xoxoxoxoo

Okay! That post made me laugh. I DID have the long legs. Being 5'10" wasn't the dream it should have been. I towered over everyone in jr.hi.( Red hair, white irish-influenced skin & freckles). I've finally owned my tallness and love it but it was quite a journey getting here. (And I DO wear heels regardless of how tall they make me! lol) Having four daughters, I try to show them all the ways they are beautiful - their bodies being just a part of that total beauty. Everyone has a way that they uniquely shine. Hey! Having great hair is something to embrace, too, Lorraine.

You are so funny!!! I also wish I had a journal of all the funny things my Mom said and told me as she was someone who could make me laugh at the most simplest of things. I always liked my height until my two kids passed me up by way too many inches!!! My husband is 6'9" my son 6' 4" and my Lulu is 5'!0 with very long legs and I now feel like I am shrinking everyday, I am 5' 51/2" but PROUD OF IT! and I think your legs are great, even in a half split lol!

Oh dearest, you are wonderful, short or long gammes!!!! As a dancer, I had perfect legs. As a model, TOO SHORT! All things are relative, that is for sure. As a model, I was too short. As a dancer, PERFECT HEIGHT! SHEESH! You just can't please everyone! But we can make the difference in how we create. Write on.....change the world around you!!!! Anita

I am the same - a great starter of journals but not so flash at completing them. You have motivated me to try again!

Hi Lorraine,

Love it that you are writing your memories down and will be wonderful for your children and grandchildren to learn more about you.
I enjoyed seeing your cheerleading camp photographs and you look beautiful just the way you are.

Happy weekend

My daughter got those long legs! She looks like that first photo...well her legs and thin body. I like that you are writing in journal form. I have kept journals since H.S and I know my children and grandchildren will enjoy reading them one day. I still keep them, but find I don't write in them as often now that I blog. I was just thinking about my Great Grandma while in the shower this morning...I was thinking I need to share about her in a post someday. I will look forward to reading more of your memories and thoughts. BTW I think your legs are a perfect size. If they were longer you would be tall rather than petite. You are so beautiful just the way you are. ox

I wanted longer legs too...I was such a chubby little girl, I was told I could pull a plow! And once my mom told me I couldn't wear shorts because my knees were too big! Your legs look just like all the other girls here and you are beautiful! ;D

I always wanted the thick long hair! but I guess someone else got it---. Write down your memories as they come to you, your daughter will someday love it. I know that some things just pop into my mind unaware be always ready you never know when the memory will come.

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