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April 26, 2011


Such a beautiful chicken! Never thought I would be so charmed by such a creature.

Lovely work.


oh gosh she is the most darling chicken, i have 5 girls 2 beautiful red heads a blond with black highlights and 2 little fluffy bantams one is apricot and one has a salt and pepper thing going on. None of them have ever been on my kitchen table though ha ha love this

i think your chicken photos are amazing !!!

molting...that can't be good. those pics sure were cute. i love chickens...they just make me happy:)

Love this...the photos are excellent and your story about them is divine!!! Lulu and Pickles are great names!!!
Thanks for visiting TBH!!!

Love these close up chicken photos:)

This chicken is gorgeous!! I love your blog.

Pickles is the pride of the chicks! She is beautiful; I love the texture; amazing photos!
So happy you shared your beauty...I would of done the same thing. I saved a turtle today; it was hydroplaning in the water. We had torrential rain in our area. I brought him/her inside for a minute to show my daughter. Thank you for sharing~

I love all the photos Lorraine - I am No. 1 fan of Pickles - what a beautiful bird! Your processing is just scrummy!

I am a city girl, through and through, but let me say.....that is one pretty chicken! :) Love the processing!

Oh my flipping heck!!! That hair do is the BEST!! I have my flock of standard duty hens - each with a name and personality and beautiful eggs. But I'm really dying to introduce some other breeds. Breeds with nice hairdo's like pickles. Do you mind sharing what she is?

I have a big grin on my face after looking at these! She is beautiful ... your photos are beautiful ... the textures are fabulous!

oh my gosh lorraine... you are so amazing.... sooo fantastic... brilliant!!

thank you for linking up with Texture Tuesday.... xxo, kim

Pickles is gorgeous! I love all those speckles on her. Our neighbor has chickens also as a project for their kids. The children sell the eggs on the weekends and they run the whole operation which gives them lessons in money management, responsibility, business, etc.

Have a wonderful day!

Oh Lorraine, I wish I had Pickles on my dinner table. Beautiful job you've done here and she's still in the condition she should be in!!!

Dearest, PICKLES IS JUST BEAUTIFUL! THis is a winning photograph my dear! And I really have to check out Kim's FREEBIE because I would love to texture some photos myself. Have a happy week my dear friend! Anita

Wow Lorraine, you have very beautiful chickens!! Putting them on the table was a good idea, you made wonderful shots! Nice with the textures and the beautiful flowers in the back!

How gorgeous! This is such a great idea for a photo and such wonderful processing!

What a cute chicken. I am almost positive that when I take kitchen scraps out to Jace's brood there is not a chicken in sight that would look that cute on my kitchen table.

I am loving the photo textures. I am sure what looks and seems easy would end up taking over my tuesday afternoon and then my life but I will try it one day. Your photos are amazing. And how beautiful is Mattie? Wowsers.

Oh I love her...this is adorable in every way my friend. xoxoxo

Pickles and the girls look like a nice feathered friends. I'd love to have some chickens one day too. Love your images and your processing.


LOL I LOVE that first picture the best..she looks so fem and pretty! These are the best pictures ever. And every kitchen needs a chicken right? :D

Hi Lorraine,

I love your sweet photos of Pickles and feel like I could reach out and touch her.
The textured work really brings the photo alive.

Happy week

Pickles certainly knows now to poise for the camera. What great shots you got.

Superb shots! loved them all.

I love Pickles! Can I start a fan club?
What a cute chicken! :)
That must have been a total ball getting here to pose for these - Great job!
Sherilyn at Clear Crick Cottage

Enjoying all your pictures and textures of all your girls Lorraine! Lulu and Pickles are sweet ones for sure:)

Oh, Lorraine, He is gorgeous! What a super-duper idea. The flowers in the background are also so very lovely! Such a wonderful subject for this challenge. Great texturing too.

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