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April 13, 2011


I wonder what the whole garden looks like… You should've taken a landscape photo. Anyway, you found and created something beautiful with these photos. A good collection, it is. I love how everything looks so gorgeously aged!

Delightful images! Ooo I love your garden. Knomes should always have broken noses, and there should always be something beautiful and rusty in a garden. Well done you! :)

Also am catching up here - the photos in the next post of Lulu are so beautiful. What a collection of precious, sweet photos you have. Just perfection.

Have a great week Lorraine - I'll get to work on starting the Pickles Fan Club now... :)
Sherilyn at Clear Crick Cottage

Oh - the flowers are beautiful! Beautiful! And the textures are wonderful. Nice work!

Oooooh - these photos are gorgeous and you have a lovely, lovely blog! I´ll put you in my Google Reader at once so I can find my way back! :-)

the roses are lovely and the textures very cool...thanks for the link to Kim's site
:) Heidi

I really must get to grips with this lovely idea. Textures make photos look so lovely - although I have to say that yours look particualrly lovely anyway! I love hellebores. Aren't they pretty?!


Oh such beautiful photos and the flowers are so beautiful! You do such a wonderful job with the textures. It just made my night looking at them! Your wisteria will be there in bloom before you know it and then you can wow us again. Sadly our wisteria has been gone now for a couple of weeks. It doesn't last very long.

I love your site! Just beautiful!

Hi my sweet friend..these are so lovely...hugs for a great new week. xoxoxo

SO lovely... thank goodness there are some flowers around.
It's been dreary here in New England too.
Your blog is lovely.

The textures you used created some very beautiful fine art photographs of your lovely garden of flowers and stone figures. Stunning!

Hi Lorraine,

I loved having a look around your Spring garden and how very beautiful.
Your textured photographs are amazing and you are so talented.

Happy weekend

I always look forward to being in my garden after a long winter. Thanks for the walk through yours with the beautiful photos.

So wonderful Pictures!
And so kreative!
( I hope, this is right, I am a German with incomplete english knownledge...)
I love your site, Lorraine!

Hi Lorraine - we call those lenten roses Hellebores in the UK - your pix are just fantastic and work so beautifully with the textures. Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful garden!

Hello Lorraine, thank you so much for visiting me. Your photos are so very beautiful, I am in awe but inspired to do more with Kim's truly addictive textures! x

Breathtaking! Oh how I love the name of that flower Lenten Rose...I have never heard of that before. I will have to look for them.

Oh my, your photos are so beautiful! I love your use of Kim's textures. I'm going to have to look and see if I have that Cinnamon one, that looks really nice. I love your blog...it's very pretty.

Beautiful pictures - they make me happy! Now I'm off to shoot a pic or two of my garden gnome....


Hi Lorraine,
I am so lovin' these textures on your beautiful photos. I would love to learn to use them. I just keep wondering if I can start a new addiction.heehee (I already have too many to count)

Your garden is waking up I see. I think mine may be...but I am such a pansy about the cold that I haven't been able to make myself go out there and work yet. lol! When it gets warm enough,I will be coming to Utah to see my daughter and making a trip to the Ikea. I have never been to an Ikea before.

Your pictures of your time in France are gorgeous!!!!
sending hugs...

GOOD MORNING DEAREST LORRAINE! Oh thank you for your sweet comments to me about my birthday! We are having fun. AND LOOK AT YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY! Kim is really influencing a lot of people, and the results of her skills are just stunning in all of you who are participating. We are finally getting warm weather, now we just need the rain to help things grow. Have a BLAST in your garden!! Anita

I love those we call them jouluruusu and the straight translation is christmas rose. I got Lenton rose from my mother as a christmas present few years ago and then I planted it to my garden next spring, now I'm waiting did it survive from the winter. So beautiful edit and pictures.

Love the flower shots...so pretty!

These are all beautiful! I really love the flowers--so sweet and soft!


Such beautiful flowers! And I love your sweet little statues.

Everything about your photos is lovely. Yes I agree life is good, even if it is cold a rainy you found beauty in the day.

Just beautiful..thanks for taking me out to the coop with you..loved it! ;D

The beauty of your spring garden, Lorraine!

oh my gosh Lorraine.... you so found beauty... totally....

just love each of these... and you too...

thanks for linking and sharing Texture Tuesday....xxo, Kim

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