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March 03, 2011


These winter days seem to be passing quickly. I can hardly believe that February has come and gone and here it is March already!

You will find outfits out since black color simply just is not going to

I do really wish i could offer you a response throughout time or perhaps any time shape.

OH Lorraine,
I just found your blog today, and I'm having a ball. Your Mr. Snickers is so adorable! OH and your beautiful ruffled roses photo is stunning. Truly you have created a beautiful place here- thank you so much!
Sherilyn Koss at Clear Crick Cottage

Lorraine, you do have a way with words and photos. They are just beautiful! I too have fond memories of flowers like hydrangeas from my grandmas garden. Life was so simple then. I'm sure that you will be able to keep Mr. Snickers, how could Ted resist YOUR big brown eyes. Love your braclet too. Think spring!!

oh my... such a bundle of cuddly-ness that has hopped into your life, and so artsy and photogenic too. Your photos and blog are just lovely. Thank you for the sweet comment you left for me, most especially so that I could click through and have the opportunity to see more of the beauty you create here.

The bracelet is so pretty, and the wrapping just makes it that much more special. Two presents at once for you, lucky you :)

Thank you so much for your very sweet comment on my blog. It touched me a lot! I really feel I am carried by the love of God and the love of my friends and family right now. Blog friends are a huge part of that.

I love Mr. Snickers...and your pictures are fantastic! I was to know what these Kim Klassen textures are! Cherie Wilson is just a sweetheart and what a beautiful bracelet! And I apologize if I said that already. It sounds familiar to me ;-)

Big hugs,

Lorraine your pictures of Mr. Snickers have stolen my heart. Oh my gosh how could your Mr. resist that sweet face? SOmething tells me he just may be sticking around.hehe
My children had rabbits as pets when they were small. I got very attached to them. I think I played with them more than they did!
Cherie's bracelet is lovely. She is so talented! Kindda like you, sweet friend!

Hi Lorraine,

Mr Snickers is just so sweet and yes, how could you not let him stay.
I love the beautiful photos and your new pretty bracelet.

Happy week

So flippin cute lorraine!!! You know, we will babysit him whenever you want!! :)

Oh my gosh, Mr. Snickers is completely adorable! Lorraine, he will be wonderful at Easter time. And your new bracelet is super pretty.

Golly such kindness Lorraine! So very sweet of YOU! You are such a gem in blogland. Enjoy the new addition of Mr Snickers that you will hopefully get to keep!! I think he was meant to be yours:) See you around fun girl!

Oh my goodness...Mr. Snickers is adorable...hard to believe someone would just drop him off.
Your images are always the BEST! So stunning.

Hugs for a wonderful weekend with Mr. Snickers. xoxoxo

That is the sweetest face I have ever seen. I would have a hard time giving up that love bug! I have my fingers crossed you get to keep him.

OMG, your bunny is so cute! Hope you can keep him. He's potty trained for Heaven's sake. :) Your bracelet is beautiful! After you've worn it totally out it would look awesome as part of a special journal cover. :)


Such a darling bracelet! And I am in love with Snickers...he is SO cute! I can't believe he was in the woods by your home..someone's pet that escaped? Love what you did with the pictures! ;D

LORRAINE!!!! MR. SNICKERS IS SOOOOOOO CUTE! He was in your backyard? He looks like a pet rabbit on the loose! We have wild rabbits that visit us all year round and we live in the city! He is so darling, and your photo enhancements are so lovely. I watch for your new posts and you must have done this one while I was at work. It is Friday and it is time for some blogging fun. Have a pleasant weekend and I know I am ready for happiness; it is my 29th wedding anniversary on Sunday and I AM SO EXCITED!!! Take care of Mr. S....what a doll!! Love to you, Anita

Mr. Snickers looks wonderful, how can you not keep him, I can't believe he was just wandering around your back yard, Shame on who ever let him go.

What a lovely gift the world sent you in Mr Snickers. He really has something in his gaze which suggests both a vulnerability and a wisdom that make me think you were meant to find each other.

The bracelet is beautiful.

How cute is he?! And he uses a litter box!! I think I need to trade my 2 bratty cats in for him :)

That bracelet is so cute...what a lovely package to receive in the mail!

Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!!

Mr. Snickers is a cutie. I bet he is your new furbaby! lovely photos/textures. well done.

Mr Snickers is adorable...and your lovely photos/layers will make great easter cards and decorations:) What is one more small pet...at least he is cute.

My girls just got a new hamster since my " mr. big boss" is not opposed to rodents...much to my dismay.

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