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March 17, 2011


So much inspiration here in this post, Lorraine. From the fluffy ruffled cake to the vintage paper butterfly - love it all!

oh my creative heart has been fed in just this ONE post....only one of the many reasons why i love you and why i can.t wait to be neighbors in your neck of the woods...i am sooooo excited.
i love you truly.

oh my, there is enough deliciousness to keep me busy for days....
i wonder if that cake has lemon curd on the inside. baby ella bird never looked so cute.
thanks so much for the link and for the sweet little package in the mail today. adore the great pink crepe paper and the tiny velvet blossoms.
xo julie

Oh my goodness my friend...I am in love with all these Spring lovelies. That CAKE...what a stunner!

Hugs for a great week. xoxoxo

Inspiring me...hmmm...the thought that nice weather is on it's way...oh...and your beautiful rose photo...that too is inspiring me ;o)

Oh Lorraine! Thank you precious for your kind and sweet words to me!!! I was away from my computer yesterday, so I missed this lovely post, but ALL THE THINGS YOU SHOW HERE ARE INSPIRING ME THESE DAYS! I pulled out a darling little wool bluebird that someone sent me, I have some paper flowers to arrange and I am making a FAIRY UNDER GLASS with paper, glitter, branches and sparkles. The cloche I got is a large and beautiful vintage one sitting on my sofa table. Oh, the beauty to create, n'est-ce pas???


I love the cake..Enjoy your class with Katie, I've taken a class from her and she is a wonderful teacher, such a gentle spirit.

You've given us so much to be inspired by! thank you thank you :)


Thank you for your concern for my daughter. She is not injured...and that is all we care about. They do take us through alot, don't they? Her older brother really took us through some stressful years. Thankfully he has grown and matured from his mistakes. I have been busy trying to get my Etsy shop open. Do you still have an Etsy? If you do, I would like to list it as one of my favorites. ox

Oh goodness I would never be able to dive into that cake. Too pretty to eat...okay, so I'm lying, I'd have a finger full of frosting before you know it! But then I'd hate myself later!
You have shared some amazing talent here today. The photo of the roses you took is stunning. I hope all is great with you Lorraine. My daughter just called me from Layton and I think she is trying to console me when she says that Utah's weather has been a little iffy for Spring as well.
But it will come, and when it does, we'll be ready.

sending hugs

I am constantly
inspired by women
just like YOU,
Lorraine! Seriously!
I am hoping to play
with my camera when
the kids are off for
spring break. My
daughter is the artist
in the family, but as
the word-lover, I am
intrigued by the idea
of art journals and that
is now inspiring me ~
thank you, sweet friend!
Happy Weekend,
xx Suzanne

Hi Lorraine,

Many thanks for sharing so much beauty and inspiration with us.
Love the sweet little bird and spring nest.
Also the pretty cake ( would be too nice to eat) and your roses are gorgeous.

Have a happy weekend

Love this....everything says "spring"! That ruffled cake.... *sigh* (is it real?!)
Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!!

oh my, so many lovely things! i'm passing that ruffled cake on to the hubby's sister, next in line for a wedding. gorgeous!

Oh my...that cake is fabulous. I am a ruffle girl too and loving all the ruffles in the stores. Thanks for sharing your favorites.

Thank you so much for sharing my flower nest link
I do hope someone will make it and let me share it with my readers.

barbara jean

I love this cake, it is so delicate and girly! Simply elegant~ I love your rose photo; I so want to take a class! Your photos are so beautiful. They speak to my soul; I have a green thumb and dream of growing lovely blooms like these~ Ella is sooo cute, the bird, lol! I have a huge smile thinking of her gracing a baby shower! The journal, painting by the sea, the bird's nest and paper butterflies, these all are favorite things, but especially your roses! Thanks for supplying so much inspiration! You need to sell your pics; Spectacular!

So much inspiration. I have been dipping my toes in the textures and am now a member of Inspirational Studio. I signed up for the skinny mini photoshop class but my daughter got in a car accident on the first day of class and I just couldn't focus. I will sign up when she offers it another time. I have been so inspired by the lovely hearts of the women involved in Kim's cafe and i-studio. Thank you for all your encouraging comments on my blog...they mean so much. You have a gentle spirit that makes me smile. ox

What's inspiring me today? YOU! Thanks!

Thanks for your visit and for the inspiration here today. I too LOVED the ruffled cake, prettiest cake I have seen! And I loved the little pink bird..I will have to check all this our! ;D

Lorraine, wow, thank you! You put me with amazing company on this post. :) She is the 2nd lady I've ever drawn, so that means the world to me. The other ladies are so talented, I can't wait to see their blogs too!


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