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March 06, 2011


Such a lovely post. Thank you for sharing it.

Re your comment about the flower nest tutorial, you are most welcome. Please be sure to let me know if you make one. I want to show my friends. =)

barbara jean

OH SWEET LORRAINE! Thank you for visiting me tonight! AND DO SHOW YOUR PAPER BIRD WHEN YOU ARE DONE?????? They are my passion. I am working on another one when I get time. This time I will make a very, very special one, but I need to find just the right supplies. HAVE A WONDERFUL EVENING! Anita

lorraine dear...
your photos are INCREDIBLE. i can.t wait to be in utah and sitting right next to you for a full tutorial. i really need it. i just can.t do it on my own.
i have SO many wonderful memories of my youth...
one that i shared with my children recently was that my mom didn.t want me to be afraid of rain and thunder, so whenever there was a storm...even if i was in bed already...she would gather me up in a blanket and we would go out on the back balcony and watch over the salt lake valley as the lightning struck and the clouds talked to one another. i always felt safe there with her and to this day i LOVE rain storms.
i love you lorraine.

Dear Lorraine,

Oh what a delightful post and the happy memories you recall of the sweet flowers.
My early memories are of my Mothers beautiful roses. Walking out the front door, the fragrance was divine. Always a lovely back drop for taking photographs beside too.

Have a happy weekend

Love childhood garden memories. My Mom always had a climbing rose and I remember when I was very young, the beautiful roses and my mother's beautiful face beside the roses... p.s. your photos are gorgeous, Lorraine!

mmmmm pansies, hydrangeas........ I think of my childhood safe and nurturing spot often, and thanks for asking. A little patch of woods in town. Dead end city street. Making a little home out of junk boards, a table....a stump chair and of course dishes and pretend just about everything. Under the soft green leaves, I was in paradise on Earth. So much about that place I look back on and see God's hand in. Have a beautiful day sweet girl!! XO

I thought I was alone in my trouble with remembering childhood memories. You are lucky that your few are of lovely flowers.

What a lovely post! I think many have had childhoods like that - I know I did. But I don't resent it; I am who I am because of it and I suppose that's the tradeoff.
My memory is of sweet peas in my Grandmother's garden. We lived with my grandparents off and on during my first six years and they were wonderful happy times. Sweet peas grew well in the Yukon and I was always allowed to go pick my favourites to make up a pretty bouquet.
A few years back while living in Calgary temporarily for work I was out walking one night, missing my garden, when I came upon a house with a high weathered fence. All along the outside of the fence was a row of beautiful sweet peas with a pair of scissors dangling from a convenient nail. The homeowner had planted this bed of beauties to share and I thought it was the most wonderful thing I have ever seen.

wow! you are becoming quite the expert! your photo and the texture are wonderful!! hope all is well with you!! susan

Beautiful flowers for the beautiful heart you have miss Lorraine.
Memories like these make me happy. So today thank you for helping me think on all things good. You are awesome always to me.
I hope all is well. Love you my blog friend.

Goodness sweetie,
you've been BUSY
and your busy is
so very pretty!!
My first garden
memory is the smell
of honeysuckle : )
Really, a garden is
about all of the
senses, but it's this
scent that I remember
the most. Love your
gorgeous texturized
flower photos!
xx Suzanne

So many childhood memories with flowers...my grandma's lawn was covered in those little purple violets....your photos are soooo lovely. xxo hugs

My memories of flowers and YES, PANSIES was that my Grandma always said "pick them, pick them!" and I could pick all I wanted and never got into trouble and we would take them in and put them into water. I can't wait to do that with my grandchildren! xo, Cheryl

Such beautiful images. Isn't it amazing what triggers our BEST memories?


I have wonderful memories that seem to tie in with the beach or the cottages near by and the glorious blooms. My Mom n' grandmother also had beautiful gardens. I love this post; it reminds me of wonderful moments, skipping to the shore. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind words~ This was a beautiful post and your photos are stunning!

I have something for you on my blog! YOU don't have to pass it on or do anything...but I thought of you and wanted you to know! Thanks for all the inspiration; I so want to take a photo class. I love your pics~

such beautiful photos today (as always)! i remember as a little girl in new york making may day baskets of flowers to leave on people's doors. we would hang our homemade bouquets, ring their bell, and run away! it was so much fun! as was popping the tar bubbles in our street!

In a rush, so all I can say is ... beautiful! :-)

Dearest Lorraine, THANK YOU for coming to visit my post yesterday! We celebrated all weekend long and every year is so memorable. Ahhhh...a childhood memory. I have many. And the things that trigger them range from sights and sounds, smells and even TEXTURES. We have just added two new wonderful rooms to our home and the texture of the plaster that they applied to the walls is the old "California" texture, where the walls have a bumpy look and feel, like that of the old vintage California cottages. When I sit to look at the rooms, the walls speak memories of my childhood home and that of relatives. The feelings arise and it is remarkable how time goes back for a moment.

Wooo.....gotta come back to the present now! ENJOY YOUR WEEK DEAREST! Anita

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