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February 17, 2011


This snow-lady absolutely tickles me to giggles. :)
Your self portrait is lovely!
Sherilyn (again!)

Lorraine what a wonderful photo of you! The classes must be so fun and informative!

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Art by Karena

You and your snowy gal pal, look gorgeous~
I love how girlie you made her look!

That snowgirl is the cutest things I've ever seen and look at those beautiful curls of your's!! I, like Sarah, want to know the same!

Your Snow Lady and you are so wonderful out there in that beautiful sunshine, Lorraine!!! p.s. my gosh you have the most beautiful hair!

Your snow woman is so cute...and so are you!

You are precious!
And yes they do come unassembled.

I think sometimes you meet special people in different ways and you are just supposed to know them in life. You are one of those people to me.

Happy day to you and yes, Ms. Lorraine one day we shall meet!
I am calling it to be.

And seriously you are one of the prettiest people and well as I read above everyone including me thinks you have gorgeous hair! And you do!

Smiles to you my friend.

An amazing self portrait. I'm proud of you for posting it that is a difficult thing to do, but you look great!!

LORRAINE!!! Oh dearest, it is so nice to see you and hear about your end of the world. Well, my hopes of spring, though I know spring is far off for us, were brought into reality yesterday. We got 10 inches here in the Twin Cities!!! So, today on my day off from work, we are shoveling our way out!!!! But I cannot help but look at the snow and just marvel at its beauty. Every season has its shining moment! ENJOY THE DAY AND THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT WITH ME!!! Anita

Dear Lorraine,

What a beautiful photo of you and the sweet snowman. You are gorgeous and what amazing hair you have.
Hope that Spring will be there soon and have a lovely week.


I want one of those in my garden!!!!! She is adorable and you are too! I want a picture of your sweet snow lady...is that possible? Lorraine you are doing such fun things with your camera and I hope you enjoy some more nice days to play. We have been having stormy weather!!!!

I agree with everyone else. This is the cutest snowman ever! Your picture is just lovely. I miss Artful Thursdays too!

These photos look Great Lorraine! Also, thanks for posting on my blog!! :) It got me excited to see there were TWO new comment haha

Oh my, how I love that snowlady! ♥


Aw Lorraine it is hard to decide who is more beautiful, the snowlady or you!
xoxo~ Carola

Lorraine you are the cutest little thing ever! And so is your darling snow woman! My daughter said you got a big dose of sunshine this past week and then BAM! She lives in Layton (I think I have already told you that) and had asked if I could come to Utah this week to see she and the kids...and I told her I wouldn't until I knew for sure is was done snowing there. I have to travel over Switzer(sp) pass,and I don't like ice, so I think I will put off a trip to Utah for another month or so.
But I am glad it snowed just so you guys could make that sweet little snow person!!!! I love the hat!

what a beautiful photograph. and your snow lady is darling.

Oh my goodness your snowlady is adorable...Thanks for the smile this evening...Spring will so land on your doorstep my sweet friend. xoxoxo

Oh my goodness your snowlady is adorable...Thanks for the smile this evening...Spring will so land on your doorstep my sweet friend. xoxoxo

Gorgeous picture of you and lovely ms. snowman!!!! we've a tease of Spring today too, 70degrees and tomorrow back down to 50!!!
have a wonderful weekend,

That is the cutest snowman EVER!!! How adorable is she? It has been far too long since my children or I have done that ... shoot! You look absolutely beautiful too!

Mom, You are BEAUTIFUL.

Such a cute post! You are so pretty. Love your beautiful hair!

YOU ARE SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! DEAREST, what lovely photos! I NEED TO TAKE PHOTO CLASSES! And, we too are having a thaw that is getting rid of those mountains of snow in our yard!!! HAVE A FUN WEEKEND! Anita

Oh you are so gorgeous! Even though it's still hot and humid here, I am preparing myself for the colder months coming soon. Not that we ever get any snow like you!

The snowman is so beautiful ... as are you! I love your gorgeous hair. How do you keep the curls in such condition?

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