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January 21, 2011


I can commiserate with you Lorraine - we haven't seen the sun here either. Cloud and fog, day after day and so often thefog is so thick the whole world is white with ghostly shapes of houses and trees looming and then disappearing altogether.
I am taking the SkinnyMini as well as the Essentials courses and it is wonderful to learn something new. It keep sme interested in the world even though it has drawn in around me so tightly.

I so know what you mean about winter. Today I spent the day re-doing my bedroom...and I love it...it's amazing what paint can do.

The days have been cold here recently. Just -14 yesterday; now it's 25 and feels like we're having a heat wave. What a difference perspective brings ;-)
While I love winter with it's beauty and the snow it brings I must admit I was looking ahead to spring when I was freezing while walking our dog yesterday morning! ;-)
Your beautiful pictures radiate such warmth and coziness and your chickens ~ well, I just love them ... no such luck for me to have any at this time but I am holding out hope for someday.
I too love Kim's site, her textures, and her photography...though I haven't taken one of her courses as of yet.
Hoping you are having a beautiful day ~ Rebecca

Hang in there I know spring is coming I've seen it. My winters are not nearly as bad as yours but I know how you feel. I took care of myself this winter with an online journaling class, it has been very helpful.

sweet friend of mine...
your photos are WONDERFUL. i am taking kim.s class too. i don.t have photoshop and i have a MAC so im making it difficult for myself. do you have PS?
sweet matilda is my very favorite.
i can.t wait to get to utah and have my very own "matilda" in my yard. i hope you will share all you have learned with me!

such beauty, you are a warm spot in my winter cold.

these are great!! loving your chickens! what fun! stay warm! we're almost through January! Us summer girls have to hang on tight!

I too, suffer from the blues. My dr & I decided that I may have a bit of the sunshine deficit disorder (SADD) as I have been off and on anti-depressants. I find doing what feeds my soul, such as reading and writing, spots of tea, sitting before the fire, sitting within a sunbeam helps to cure the blues.
I'm hoping you'll find lots of lovely to make you feel ever so good on the inside.
XO, Cheryl
p.s. I'm about to order chicks for the first time...what do you advise? I'm in southern Indiana.

and p.s.s.
thank you for sharing my site.... very sweet...

:) xxo,Kim

oh my gosh...sooooo love every single image... i mean LOVE... and sweet Rosie..there you are. :)

xxo, Kim
p.s. your site is GORGEOUS...

Oh! And I see my dear friend Suzanne came and left a comment! What a funny, silly and strange afternoon I had trying to get to her house! I had a Lucille Ball moment and ended up wrecking one side of my car while trying to get home!!!!! TEEEEHEEEE! I see you fabulous photographers know each other! Ahhhh....thank you dear for coming to visit me yesterday with such kind words. I am one to always want everything GRANDIOSE, HUGE, MOVING, and when things are not coming to me in that way, I tend to think I have LOST it all....but perhaps not. Silence is golden, and that is what i need at the moment...but life is so busy as I am sure it is for all. Thank you for listening and coming, and again, I really enjoy your blog. Have a great day today!! Anita

hot chocolate for sure!

beautiful images.

happy weekend~


Hi Lorraine,
Funny, I noticed that
Anita left you the
last comment. She
and I were supposed
to have tea together,
today, but the fates
conspired against us
and it didn't come to
pass....As a matter of
fact, I had one of the
kitties that I bought
from your wonderful Haiti
auction all wrapped up
to give to her!! Such
a small world : ) I am
in awe of your wonderful
pictures! I read Kim's
blog but have made a deal
with myself that I am
going to learn the nuts
and bolts of my camera before
I start getting into textures,
etc. I've made a few baby
steps!! I'm sorry that winter
gives you the blues ~ I have
a few friends who suffer from
it, as well.
Warm hugs from a cold place...
xx Suzanne

Lorraine i forgot the bread recipe is here :)

Lorraine this is so sweet! I totally agree find something to do that you love it'll keep you going. The wind chill is below 0 here today so I'm really going to need to dig deep! Thank you for the info about Kim Klassen she is so generous I'll be sure to check it out! I'm knitting today :) Thank you so much for dropping by you always make me smile! Stay warm, Susan

You nourished me...I love every picture here! That little baby you are sitting with the black eyes..so cute! Hold the thought...Spring I mean! ;D

it's hard to nourish my winter soul in wisconsin....that's why i left and came to the beach for a month....

i think i need to this a few times a year actually....what a gift the ocean is.....

ps....nice texture/layer work on your photos !!!

Oh Lorraine, how I wish I could send you some sunshine from Washington; but as you well know we are short on that in the wintertime. But dear friend I send you the warmth of my heart to help thaw the frost of those winter blues. I love the picture of the "waterfall in the tree"! Did Ted really build that???? Much love and hugs....Linda

Lorraine the texures you used on these shots are wonderful. Loving the one of Matilda with her little feet in the cold snow.
I think you sound like you know how to beat the Winter blahs. I too have learned that it is all about my attitude. The past couple of Winters have been a breeze...mainly because I know how much work is waiting for me in the Spring. hehe
I think the best way I have learned to get through the Winter is to make sure I get out and socialize a little more than usual. A girl's night out, or a little shopping with daughter's does the trick.
sending you big hugs...

Well then.....I am sending you beautiful sunshine.
I admire your tenacity to find all good things and your outlook.
I am NOT a winter girly either and have even resorted to
taking a trip to the tanning bed or jump out of bed to see the sun rise and will take pictures of it to rememeber throughout the day in case the winter clouds find there way in there in order to find some kind of sunshine. I am just speaking the truth {insert smile}.

I will email you a sunrise here so you feel the warmth coming your way.

Have a beautiful weekend sweet Lorraine.

I LOVE this winter! I'm so happy! Wonder why we all feel so strongly one way or the other...
and photos is part of the reason I love it, so you are speaking my language :)
I'd kill for that cup...

what fun subjects for your beautiful photos! i need to take the time to learn the "tricks of the trade" with photography too! i just love taking pictures but really only point and shoot ... i don't know anything about aperture (?) or f-stop ... lighting. and now with so many options in photoshop - what am i waiting for? i love how you are taking the time to "feed your soul". good for you ... i really need to too. ;)

Your images are heaven to my eyes today...I adore all your sweet animals....I so want a Matilda or a Rosie or even a Jack would be nice...Our winters here are not long at all.We have had one snow day and maybe 2 other days where snow has fallen but thats it! Right now we are into the RAIN...lots and lots...but it is very mild..and looks almost like Spring...my primroses are blooming in my garden!

Sending you some of your "Springlike" weather...it really does lift the spirits...Friday hugs.xoxoxo

These photos are so pretty! They make me feel warm inside. I am sending you sunny wishes in your wintry wonderland, it sounds very cozy! Spring will come your way soon!

Oh dear blogger,

I have you on my blog list because the first day that I came to you upon a visit from you, I just fell in love with your world. Your photos have that extra touch of beauty and your subjects are marvelous. Birds are my passion (at least one of them!) and how you CAPTURE your subjects is quite unique. I live in the ICE BOX OF THE NATION...MINNESOTA where it was 30 BELOW last night! I know that there were and still are SUCCESSFUL artists, musicians, inventors and other contributors to the WORLD that came right out of MINNESOTA. I have often wondered if it is the LONG, COLD winters that cause people to stay still long enough to PONDER, CREATE and try to find things to occupy them. Perhaps these winter blues can serve as a period of TIME to unearth more of your talents and hone them. I truly believe that....what a delightful collections of photos....Thank you for coming. Anita

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