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January 05, 2011


Yes, dream big or go home! LOL Loved the thoughts, all are so true! Loved the painting too, very sweet! (I well remember the inversion from when we lived in Kaysville, one year it lasted 4 months, I thought I was going to die!) ;D

you have such a beautiful way with words my dear friend. actually everything you say and touch becomes magical to me.
2010 brought your friendship AND your sisterhood to me...and for that i will always be eternally grateful.
sending HUGE hugs to you and that gorgeous family.

What a fabulous post! So glad I stopped by!

I am all about the dreaming ~ even better when you make the dream a reality!

hello friend...what a sweet bunch of words and what a great picture. I feel the same I have so many dreams in my head - I am anxiously working hard to get a few of them accomplished this year.

My word for the year - is ambition....thanks for your continued cyber friendship - it means alot to me...

can't wait to see what you have been creating.


I completely agree! It's never to late to dream BIG!

Dear Lorraine,

Such a wonderful post and painting you have shared today.
Wishing you all the very best for 2011, dear friend and may all your dreams come true.
Also wish for all things that make you happy, good health and many blessings.


What a dreamy painting I love her work !!thanks for sharing it and the thoguths !!

Your words are RIGHT ON TIME! Thankyou so much dear girl. So very perfect for my heart today. You are a treasure. Beautiful weekend to you!! XO

Oh such inspiring words my friend...we must have dreams to follow...what an imposible life one would live without sweet dreams.

Hugs and love my friend for a wonderful weekend. xoxo

Inspirational post, I need a kick in the pants. I've been sitting around doing not much of anything these past few days. It was good to read your post. Lorrie

So eloquently written. I just love your blog. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

I wrote those same words....
DREAM BIG in an art of Pixar
book that I gave my daughter
for Christmas. It is her
dream to work there and I
believe we should all shoot
for the moon! Gorgeous painting
by Heather. Lovely thoughts
to start the day, Lorraine : )
xx Suzanne

A wonderful read today Lorraine (always is)
I went back to see the beauty of your holiday home. Oh my goodness! Just amazing! You are such a dear talent, and inspire everytime I come.
big hug

This makes me HAPPY! Love the sweet painting but your words are the icing on the cake!

Lorraine, no truer words have been spoken. There are no limits to dreaming.I love the painting too. Have a great day! Linda

I LOVE this post! Just Perfect in every way.

Please Dream AMAZING too. Praying your year ahead is wonderful.

So true, Lorraine. What a wonderful painting!

Oh your blog is magnificent! Anita

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