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December 18, 2010


Congrats to all
of the wonderful
artists who donated
their talents and
made a difference
in the world!!

xx Suzanne

They are fabulous I wish I had known about your auction.
Maybe next time count me in.
Joyeux Noel

Dear Lorraine,

I have just found the time to come over and visit you and what a lovely thing you have done here.
These little kitties are all so gorgeous.
Hope that you are having a lovely December and that you are all over your flu.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for good health and happiness for 2011.


what a great kindness you have shown here

YAY!!! I hope you make this an annual tradition, Lorraine. I would love to have a Kitty collection. Thank you so much! Lorie

Good Morning! Could you
please increase my bids to
these amounts:

1. $50 on Little Mary Margaret
2. $50 on Lola Monroe
Thank you for your amazing heart.
I hope you get more bids : ) !!

xx Suzanne

$55.00 on Clara Kitty!

I'd like to bid $35 on Katherine Kitty; She is so festive~

Great cause; they all are so amazingly cute!

Alright, I will bid $35 on Lola Monroe, if it's not too late :)

Oh my gosh, Lorraine, all of these kitties are amazing!!! I could just not choose which one I'd want to take home because they are all so incredible. Truly. I adore their little stories too :)

I've stopped by thanks to Chrissy...what a wonderful idea this is. And I'd like to bid $45 for Clara Kitty, thanks!

dearest lorraine...
i would LOVE to big $40 on little mary margaret.
this is hard because they are ALL soooo wonderful.


I would also like to bid $35 on Holly too!

Hi Lorraine!
I'm finally stopping by to check out the auction. I'd like to bid $35 on Mary Margaret.

$40 on Clara Kitty!!

I would like to bid on Holly Kitty...$30.00

I will also put $25
on Lola Monroe : )
xx Suzanne

SO SO SO freakin' cute! We bid $30 on Katherine. Her bow and skirt are just the right attire for a party!

Good Morning and I see I was outbid on Birdie Blue...please put my bid of $55 dollars on her. I blogged about this sweet auction, hope that is okay with you! These precious Kitties need to be shared!!! Have a wonderful day!

Lorraine you have put together a stunning presentation of such sweet kitties! I would like to place a bid for $50 on Du Chateau.

Such a lovely idea, Lorraine! I'd like to bid $30 on Miss Kitty Du Chateau. I'll add a link on my blog too! :)

I'd like to bid $30
on Little Mary Margaret.
How precious is this?
I hope they all find
good homes and that your
auction is a success!

xx Suzanne

Now these are adorable and for such a good cause. Thank you for sharing the JOY....hope all is well and your family is ready for next week. xoxoxoox Blessings sweet one.

I bid $40.00 on Gwenda Kitty, Judy Wise's kitty.

$25 on little mary margaret

Oh my gosh, these are all precious! I don't know what I love more--the kitties or their stories! I think I want them all. Seriously, I want to bid $50 on Kiki LaRue.

I bid $40 on Little Baby Kitty. They are all so cute!

Oh, I have to bid on Birdie Blue- she will go so well with my Blueskies blog!!!!
I'll bid $50.00

I LOVE YOUR KITTY!!! Well they are all pretty special. I want to place a bid on of course, BIRDIE BLUE!!! My bid is $40 :)

What Fabulous Kitties!! I want to bid $50.00 for Aleksandra Petronova. She is so beautiful.

seriously lorraine...i have to pick just one? i want to bid on them all! THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!
your KiKi LaRue face IS TO DIE FOR my friend!
i.m off to get the kids to school and i.ll be back to start my bidding.

Fabulous! Good job momma!

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