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December 31, 2010


It's all sooo pretty!

Your home is just beautiful with all of your Christmas decorations, Lorraine. Super lovely. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with family and I wish you all of the best things in life for 2011.

lovely post! everything looks so wonderful and homey...

love how my mitten looks in your delightful home! thanks for mentioning me!


Oh dear, I love your BLOG!! I HAVE TO FOLLOW YOU! Thank you for visiting me, or else I would not know you were around! I LOVE YOUR TITLE: PAPER BIRD. I am working on some paper maché birds, and your cloches are TDF.

Enjoy this new year, and you will be seeing more of me!! Anita

Thank you so much for each sweet comment- happy new year!

Happy New Year to you sweet Lorraine! I really enjoyed seeing all the photos of Christmas cheer throughout your home.

Happy New Year!

I love, love that first picture - the little tree with the dolls and angels, the metallic with the pastel - fantastic.

Dear Lorraine
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I hope you´ve had a wonderful Christmas and a joyful New Year too. I hope this new year will be an amazing and wonderful one for you.
xo Tina

Your home is so wonderful and inviting, Lorraine--just like you! What lovely decorations you have. I don't think I could put them away! Happy New Years

I love your Christmas photos...so beautiful. Wishing you a happy and wonderful New Year!

Spectacular Christmas treasured!!!!Taking them down would make me so sad too.they are so Magical!!! Wishing you a very blessed New Year,

As always, the photos are AMAZING! Happy new year to you. I hope it will be full of light, love, joy, peace and prosperity. xxx.

I would be sad having to put away all of those precious decorations too. They are all so special I can tell. It has been so fun getting to know a little bit about you through this world of blogging. Maybe this year we might meet in person, you never know if our paths might cross. Tell your sweet daughter that Birdie is doing well and very happy in San Diego, she truly warms my heart! Happiest of New Years and Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

these are magical! happy 2011!

Your photos provide a magical glimpse of the beauty of this season! Beautiful~

I loved what you wrote on my blog! I didn't mean to forget to give you credit. I fixed it!
The package was lovely, I kept the bow and tag. Every time I look at it, I will smile and remember...

Thank you for being you~xXx

your photos are beautiful! i too feel a bit of sadness when it's over. thank you for being so sweet! it always makes me happy to to have you visit! wishing all the best for this new year! susan

dearest friend...
i feel like i just had a mini tour of the beautiful home i just KNOW you have created. it is WONDERFUL! i wish i could have visited with you on this utah trip but most of the time was spent on the ski slopes. please know that your friendship was one of my BIG blessings of 2010. you are so dear to me.
i love you.
happy new year!

These pictures are like something out of a magazine. Absolutely beautiful! How lucky you are to have such a sumptuous, gorgeous home. Many blessings to you for the coming year.

I loved every picture here..just lovely as can be! I finally took all of my Christmas down this morning, I was going to leave the tree up but everything needed dusting and cleaning, so I just did it all. But I will keep it in my hear too. Happy New Year my sweet friend :D

Your images just thrill me. They are full of beauty and heart and feeling. What a gorgeous home you have.

Wow...what a beautiful home you have...filled with soooo much JOY!

Sending you oodles of hope..anticipation...promise..contentment and pure delight for 2011 my sweet sweet friend...

Thank you for all the blessings you pass my way! xoxo

What a wonderful display of Christmas beauty. I especially love your tree shown in the first photo. Wishing you a blessed new year. Love Lorrie

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