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November 05, 2010


Nothing quite as refreshing as a kittie with an attitude. I don't think I considered myself a cat person until now.

The kitties are all adorable. What fun they must have been to make (thanks for the link). I'd love to give your little kitty a home -- promise to take good care of her and make her the star of the show each Halloween!

Oh sweet Lorraine, everything you create is darling. Love the kitties, and what a treasure you were to sew and paint them for everyone!
I'm sure they were very fun to make!
Cerri xo

What a cute little kitty. I will give you a good home!


Happy birthday to you both!! The kitties are adorable...and LuLu is a cutie!

Hi Lorraine,

Happy Birthday dear friend and to your sweet Lulu { you are both so beautiful.}
I loved to hear about the spooky alley and the witches night out, sounds like fun times.
I love the sweet cats you have all made.
I hope My Coyote moves away elsewhere, so you and your family and the sweet chickens can live in peace and quiet.

Have a beautiful weekend

I won't enter to win but I do love your kitty! Looks like you have been having lots of fun! Thats sure a darling 13 year old! The witches party sounds like a howl! ;D

Happy birthday to you whenever your birthday was. It certainly looks like you had some fun times during the month of Oct. I must try sweet potatoes with cider it sounds wonderful.

Oh, my gosh, Lorraine, these cats are all amazing! p.s. your daughter looks wonderful in her outfit!

oh my heavenly day - these kitties are the cutest ever.

Happy Birthdays all around and thank you for the spooky inspiration. I love this holiday!! xo

You sure did have a festive October, such fun and good times! Your LuLu is adorable, they grow up way too fast though don't they? The kitties are so darn cute and funny, love all of them...here's to a festive November too. Have a great weekend!

love the kitties. your daughter is darling, too.


Oh my creative friend..you made me smile today...those kitties are adorable! So is LuLu...{happy teenager}

I love October too...but looking forward to November...bring on Christmas...xoxoxo


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