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November 25, 2010


That baby is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're definitely not lame Lorraine :)...but it does sound like you have been very busy! It's hard when life gets crazy busy, I can relate! Hope you had a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving!!!

Hugs ~

:) T

Baby Crew is adorable, love the hair wave flip~ So sweet and the hat; He is sooo precious! Life gets in the way; I am finding it a struggle, too! Love the creativity on the tree~ Lulu looks so cute, I bet her performance was wonderful!

Christmas Kitties are sweet~

sweet lorraine...
i love every single word and photo in this post.
i wish i could have seen lulu in the nutcracker...next year for sure. i am sure she did a wonderful job.
CREW has the most beautiful hair (is that okay to say about a baby boy?) what a blessing in your lives.
and the tree...well...everyone has said it all already...WOW!
i am secretly hoping that your art group will need a tag along now and then starting next summer....
i miss you my friend.
huge hugs to you.

what a fun couple of days spent with dear friends! Thanks for posting those pictures... my hubby didn't believe we actually did anything but talk when I had no proof! You are so wonderful and I love ya! Congrats on baby Crew--could that flippy hair be cuter??

omg that tree is TO DIE FOR. YOU LADIES ARE AMAZING!!! keep up the awesome work and inspiration, and have a wonderful 2011, lorraine!

Lame, I do not think so. You are such an amazing mom. What was that other daughter thinking?? Thank you for the wonderful dinner and really for EVERYTHING. I am so thankful for you and all you do for our family. I love you Mom.

Hi Lorraine,

What a lovely post, first let me say how adorable little baby Crew is and I can see you must be so very proud of your sweet Grandbaby, huge Congratulations.
I enjoyed seeing your sweet Lulu, the Blue Solider, she is a lovely girl.
And then there are all the wonderful craft projects ~ you are so talented.

I hope that you had a happy Thanksgiving and now wish you a beautiful weekend

That tree is so beautiful. I hope that one day I can also make such beautiful ornaments. Baby Crew is adorable and you must be so proud of LuLu, she is amazing!

Where do I even start Lorraine? You have been blessed with the sweetest baby in all the world. Little Crew is so darling!!!
I'm sure your daughter did an amazing job on stage. Another special memory made.

Oh my goodness that tree is beautiful!!!!! I can't get enough of the pictures.
I'm sure the pies went over wonderfully!
hugs to you...

That sweet Christmas tree makes me feel good all over, such fun ornaments and I love its woodsy look. You girls are so creative!

I do hope you chose to "buy" the pies...you are so busy!!! And with family business!!! That little baby is so precious and Lulu looks so great, such hard working, fun times, they go by way too fast. Lame...I don't agree, DEDICATED... yep thats YOU! :)
Have a good weekend!

Oh sweet friend...life does move FAST! I just realized the date and my heart jumped a beat or two...soooo much to get done! And I thought I was right on track a few weeks ago....should I be panicing right now???
Your tree is stunning!!! Hugs and love....xoxoxo

Such a sweetpea you have...well 2 sweetpeas...xoxoxo

Your new baby Crew is a doll. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed your family. I"m sure you made it a beautiful event full of love.

Well, I am SO excited to have won the kitty! I can't wait to receive it~ thank you SO MUCH!! I love this post~ baby Crew is just precious and LuLu looks adorable in her costume and make-up! The tree is really magical and whimsical~ I loved seeing it! You are a creative group... thanks for sharing it!

Thanks for posting the pictures of our tree! What an awesome, rejuvenating day! I haven't stopped stopped creating since! Love you! And...that baby Crew is ADORABLE!

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