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November 07, 2010


Beautiful post. Your pictures are amazing....thank-you for inviting us in. I had a baby shower for my daughter in law 7 months ago...it was so much fun. Thank-you for your visit.

Gasp! You take such beautiful, fantastic pictures! Thank you so much for showing the hat and linking to my shop. Can I use the hat picture for my shop? I will definitely link to you whenever I use it. Let me know!

Everything looks beautiful. I love all of the owls.

Lorraine - oh how exciting. Enjoy this special time with your son. You really set up a wonderful spread. Absolutely gorgeous.

happy thanksgiving

How exciting! How beautiful! Thankyou for sharing such a sweet event. Oh so inspired:)

Everything looked amazing! I am now hungry:-) I can't believe you will be a Grandma...no way!!! Congrats.

Beautiful photos, beautiful sentiments, and probably the most beautiful Grandma I know! :)
Much love,

Funny how everything
old is new, again!
I remember being crazy
for owls in junior high.
Owl necklace, figurines
and I even embroidered
an owl for my grandma : )
Your pictures are just
lovely and I bet the day
was, as well. These life
celebrations are the perfect
time to take stock of our
blessings. Congrats to
everyone and welcome, sweet
xx Suzanne

Lorraine this is so heartfelt. I have three children and there is something so precious
about a beautiful newborn. I LOVE
your table it is so lovely! That is one blessed
baby too to have such a wonderful grandmother. Take care,

What a lucky little baby to come into this world with such a blessed family! And a grandma who is amazing!!! Everything looked so beautiful and I could almost taste the food on the table...I am so happy and excited for you as I know how much family means to you. Blessings to you all and I am in love with those sweet owls!

Was that an owl hat?? That was the sweetest little thing ever. I just love owls!

Oh Lorraine, how beautiful it all looks! You made an amazing array of food and it all looks spectacular. What a wonderful way to show how much this baby means to you; your daughter-in-law is lucky to have you. Enjoy!

I can feel the gratefulness coming from you in the beautiful post Lorraine. You set such a beautiful table for the blessed event. I know that the entire event was as special as the table and food. And to be surrouned by all that love...what a treat for all.
I know how I feel about my grandchildren (I have seven) and it is a love I never knew could exist. They are what makes my world go 'round.
Love and hugs to you...

Lorraine, what a beautiful table setting and a sweet event! I LOVE your owl theme. Babies are such a blessing and this little one is lucky indeed.

Lorraine, what a beautiful spread you created for the pre-arrival of baby celebration! The fall decor looks so warm and inviting. The food looks scrumptious. I love the name of that Gingham salad - sounds really yummy. The owl theme is adorable. Congratulations to the new mom-and-dad-to-be and also to grandma - how exciting this is for the whole family!!!

Dear Lorraine,

What an exciting time for your family~
Congratulations and prayers and good wishes for the birth.
The baby shower looks beautiful, wonderful spread on the table and love the Owl theme.
Friends and family are the best.

Have a happy week

Oh my goodness is right! What an absolutely stunning table! Love the theme ... and that hat is too precious! I can't believe you're going to be a grandmother! (Can you?) But it really is the very best!!!!

I love events like this and you sure did it up good! Everything looks so amazing and the flowers are gorgeous! I can't wait to hear more good news...it's the best isn't it?! ;D

What a beautiful baby shower. Yes family is everything.

Oh my goodness my sweet friend....this is adorable. Congratulations...how exciting!

The owl theme is such a sweet!

Hugs for a great day.

Such a beautiful baby shower, Lorraine. I am so excited for you - my wish for you is that this child comes safely into the world and brings everyone many blessings. p.s. special thoughts and prayers for the birth, for your lovely daughter-in-law, Allyson

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