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September 07, 2010


Why do they do that to us...we just get something we love and poof they decide to change things...
Congratulations to the winner. xoxo

lucky girl...hey girl - life seems to be all too consuming lately...hope you are getting time to get crafty...sending hugs


Dear Frustrated Me,
That naughty typepad. I hope you are able to get it all to work out...I already know you will! I can barely get a post published, so I hope that Blogger behaves itself, or I'm in deep crap too.hehe
Congrats to my sweet friend Zita!!!
hugs to you

yippy for the miss winner zita....did the wonderful pumpkin lady get a name? hair or no hair?
don.t get too upset about change dear friend...it makes us GROW!
loves to you.

Zita is the sweetest!!! I came back from Illinois and the whole Typepad thing was making me mad!

Hi Lorraine,

Congratulations to Zita, she will be thrilled to have your pumpkin girl.
Sorry you are frustrated with the change to typepad, it is so annoying and hope that you can get it sorted.

Happy weekend

I'm sorry you're frustrated! I'm sure the winner is very happy!

Lucky Zita. I am sure she will enjoy it!

Congratulations to Zita! I hope you figure out your typepad problems. And have a great labor day week-end!!!

Congrats Zita! I just found you today Lorraine and left my comment too late. Hope you'll stop by and enter my giveaway though.

Woohoo, I'm the lucky winner! Thanks Lorraine - there will be three very happy girls in this house with your fabulous Pumpking Girl!!!

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