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September 15, 2010


I just found your blog via your chicken coop post on Pinterest and I am in love with everything on your blog! Your bio sounds like it could be mine. We must be soul sisters! I just started with chickens and love them. I love to garden and flowers and anything vintage. ♥ I haven't blogged in a while but will updating with pictures of my new chickens and coop along with my spring garden. Also I just found you on instagram so I will be following you there. P.S. not a stalker I promise :-)

First of all, yes! I'm certain Reese Peanutbutter cups have shrunk. I've thought it before too!

Second....WOIW!!! This is the most amazing Chicken Coop ever! How fab! I'm so happy for you!

Can I please move in to the most adorable chicken coop ever!!! Oy my goodness I am soooo loving it! WOW WOW WOW I've been wanting chickens so bad.... now you've absolutely put the dream in my head!!!!
happy eggs!!!

Love the coop and your photos are to die for! I love the one where you tied up the chicken's "hair."
when we had babies and they would wake up from a nap with hair sticking up, for some reason we always said "someone has chicken hair!"
Hoosier Hugs,

You are as precious as it gets. And p.s. I would not be putting my chickens in that beautiful coup. I might have it as a second home...smile.

Hope all is well with you and your heart happy and just smiling.

Lorraine I am suffering from serious coop envy over here. This is absolutely amazing!!! Your hens are all such lovely girls. I laughed and laughes ove the ribbin in the feathers. So funny. I can just see you now, making pretty little chicken clips to sell at the market for all of us crazy hen lovers. Your photos are amazing and I enjoyed every single one.
hugs to you!

This coop is awesome!! I need to get some polish hens, they are beautiful !
xoxo, Tiffany

Your chicken coop is simply fabulous, Lorraine - I love it! And those ladies are quite something too! I love the rusty garden chair on the side. And that last photo is gorgeous!

That chicken coop is so dreamy, I wish I could have one in my back yard. Now if I could only convince my urban hubbie. It wold be so much fun (and work too, I get that our neighbors across the street have 17 chickens) I also love that photo of you too, you are absolutely beautiful!

Your chickens look wild and crazy, and you make them look as if they would be so much fun, but I imagine there is much work behind keeping that coop looking so spotless. Your coop and garden shed look like a dream come true what a lovely place to have in your back yard.

What an adorable post. Your girls are so cute, You helped me see that they were fun and had personalities, I just thought of them s stinky and dirty. Guess I changed my mind!


Love the coop and the photos Lorraine.
And I really love the photo of the stump your husband carved for you. How sweet is that? :)
Cerri xo

I love your sweet chickee coup! The lil banner is too adorable :) All of your chickens look like they have their own little personalities....I must say im diggin on "Sassy" and of course "Rufio" (cant help but sing that chant from the movie "Hook" when I see her name!!) Check out Heather Bullard's chicken coop too - you girls are amazing with your chickens!

Hi again - I'm back for another peek...I forgot to say that Rufio with the bow just cracks me up! How sweet is that, so mcuh better than cutting her feathers (which I hear people do!)

Enjoy the sun ~
xo H

I loved this post...but then I too love chickens! I was raised on a farm and all of that is still deep in mt. I love your polish chickens and how you pull her hair up for her..cute! What a awesome chicken coop/palace! Lucky lady paperbird and lucky chickens! ;D

this is beyond amazing ... you little paperbird, you!

no wonder those chicks love you ... you're a bird, too!!!

Good morning Lorraine! I am (again) speechless ~ your treehouse style coop is amazing, beautiful & breathtaking! Your girls are so lovely too, and I cannot forget your absolutely darling Hubby (luck us, right!?) for helping create this act of love! Thank you so very much for sharing with all of us and I'll be back to see how things are going ~ wish all you girls lived down the street - we'd be dangerous chicken mamas!

Hugs ~
xo Heidi

Aww Lorraine what a wonderful post!
Your hubby sure is the very best!!!
A two storied garden house and chicken coop now that's fabulously special!!!
Gosh I so wish I had more space in my small garden to raise some chicken.
I'm totally in love with Rufio btw, never saw a crazy looking chicken like her before and the way you pulled up her hairdo er sorry I mean feathers for her to see better is simply hilarious and made me lauging out very loud lol
Both of your other new girls are very beautiful!
Oh and lastly not to forget that white chippy and rusty metal stand with the flowers on, what an utterly gorgeous piece!!

xoxo~ Carola

omygoodness Lorraine!!!! This is a chicken ESTATE girl!!!! I just love it....and your chickens are so wonderful too :) xxoo, Dawn

Oh Lorraine! Your chickens are adorable and your coop is amazing! So jealous that our town does not allow farm animals...I have loved seeing everyone else's! I wondered if you had gotten the email I sent last week for Heather's black and white petite inspiration swap as we are partners. Tina emailed she will be in London for a show...want to get started on things.

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