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August 26, 2010


At first I laughed out loud to the picture. I am in love with that chicken!!!!

Secondly, you have the most gentle and lovely souls. I wish I knew you in person. I think we could have the most fun creative times, laughing times, talking about God times or just life. I just love how your creativity and soul shines bright and lovely.

Have a beautiful day.

(did YOUR sweet ted pen that post above mine)
what a man!
your spirit simply SHINES and i can.t thank you enough that it does.
oh how i needed this reminder lorraine.
i think you have so many people who love you because you exude love to everyone around you come in contact with.
(even the ones you.ve never met before)
give miss rufio a pat on that wonderful fluffy head of hers just for me.

Way to go love. You are amazing as ever. I am always inspired by you.

What sweet words from you and it always is so uplifting to read your blog whether you are crafting or talking about life it is always so enjoyable. As we age we do need to keep reminding our selves of how beautiful we are on the inside and not look at the "grey" hairs on our heads :( Your sweet hen is adorable and I do love her hair-do!!!

Cute post!! Have a happy day. xx

Love this thought today my friend...thank you!
Now your sweet little Rufio is simply adorable....xoxo hugs

Oh I love Rufio! One day I may also have chickens.

Your spirit also shines through your blog and it is one that is peaceful, good and kind. I come here to see beauty and I am never disappointed. I also feel like you are a bit of a mother hen to look up to, especially because you are the age my mom was when she passed away. Thank you for your presence on the web.

All the best,

Hi Lorraine,

Oh Rufio is so cute and love the hair do!
Such a great post and yes, we need to be happy with how we are.
I have a little quote in my book, ( can't remember where I got it) "worrying does not take away tomorrows troubles ~ it takes away today's peace" I am with you there, no matter how hard I exercise, my body is not the same as when I was 20, and I just need to live with it.
thank you for your friendship and inspiration and all you have to share with us.


That is one good looking bird. Actually, looks like mine when I wake up. Sea witch

I love this chicken and it's hair is right in style! I am not sure I would wear mine that way bit it's cute on her. I feel as you do,,,SO MANY great women out there, I am amazed at who they are! Aging is hard some days but I think just finding happiness in each day and bringing happiness to others is what it's all about! :D

Thank you for this post. I don't remember who said this but "aging is not for sissys". It takes courage to face your changing self in the mirror and do it with grace. I struggle with it every day, your post helped remind me of what is important Thank you. Lorrie

What a beautiful post to find on my first visit here...I feel the same way and you have expressed it all so well. Thanks for stopping by FK and leaving your comment that led me here as I am thrilled to meet you. You have a beautiful family and a wonderful artist's eye and a gift for inspiring. And you have chickens!...one of my dreams and you love lavender. Well, I can see I will be right at home here. So nice to meet you!


What a lovely, lovely post. Your pictures are wonderful and you are so positive and uplifting. I am putting you in my reader. Thank-you so much for the visit.

Lorraine...so beautifully said, and yes, I too have met so many gifted and generous and beautifully spirited fellow humans in this world of blogging. It is hard to explain, but oh so wonderful!

How beautiful your sentiment is! I love through blogging how we can see glimpses of one's souls essence. We have a rare insight into each other, that takes years in person to develop! It is an amazing process~

I love your Mop top girl; she has style!
Thank you for kindness and light; Your blog
exudes a friendly, calming persona. It is truly beautiful, as is the art you share!

I enjoy visiting you~

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