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August 27, 2010


Hi Lorraine,
Love them both but if I HAVE to pick, I guess I'll go with hair. I love making Halloween paper dolls too. Stop by and enter my halloween giveaway!

You have endless talent my friend!!! Wonderful!

Hugs ~

:) T

p.s. the Lev Vackert books just arrived and they are so gorgeous!!! I will get yours out first thing in the morn :)

Oh my gosh, Lorraine, it's so hard to decide because I like your pumpkin girls both ways. Well, I guess, for Halloween we should go with the hair.

Oh Lorraine how do you expect me to choose. The one with hair looks a little like me in the morning.hehe They are just darling. What a clever girl you are to see the crosstitch and then alter it into your own creation.

I just had to come by and thank you for the lovely comment you left me. Thank you for your words...they warmed my heart.
hugs to you

Those are cute...they made me laugh! I like the hair..very cute hair indeed! You are so creative! :D

Oh..they are both so cute, but i think i am a hair girl. Would love to see the cross stitch too.
p.s. i flicked back to your beach pics...beautiful :) sweet day

Thank you for becoming a follower! I feel so honored. Now I have to start doing more paper projects!!!

Hi Lorraine,

Love your sweet Halloween doll and how cute she is with her little cat.
They are both really wonderful and I suppose you could also add a little hat. The black glitter and the skull stamp are fabulous.

Happy week

Those are the cutest paperdolls! I love her both ways but think I love her best with hair. Halloween is my favorite holiday too! Soooo much fun!

hi lorraine! i think i'm going to have to vote no-hair, although i love them both! and yup - it's all in those wonderful details. adorable!

These are so fun! I think I like it better without the hair. There is something so fabulous about that rain drop head shape! I love it and I think it stands alone really well!

These are simply great! I have to say that I love the wild hair...And, that cat is adorably quirky and festive...So fun...

I like the hair - it ties in with the cute bow on her waist.

Isn't Halloween so fun!?!

So cute! I love the hair and the bird paper on the skirt! You are very clever :)

How cute is she?! Im diggin on her wild hair :)What a neat giveaway!

dearest lorraine...
am i the only one who noticed that spooky witchy girl with the mane looks exactly like she stole her "do" from rufio?
how perfect! was she your inspiration?
these are perfect in a wondrful scary halloweeny sort of way.
but my vote goes to the "rufio" mop!
i too love halloween...but maybe it.s just because it.s in the FALL and i am in total lust with all things FALL.
you are incredibly clever and artsy...especially on thursdays!


Love the paper that you used on the dresses if I had to choose between that I would not be able to . As far as hair vs no hair I"ll go with no hair she is a little more scary. Have fun creating all your Halloween treats.

Hi Lorraine. I just came across your blog (which is so pretty btw), and I'm glad I did. These little pumpkin girls are just too cute. I like both but I'm most fond of the one with hair. I would love to be included in your giveaway.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Lovely my friend...I am not sure which way I like her...I really think I like them both the same. Hugs for a great weekend and thanks for the chance! xoxo

Lovely my friend...I am not sure which way I like her...I really think I like them both the same. Hugs for a great weekend and thanks for the chance! xoxo

Lorraine I am with you I love Halloween too. I am in full spooky creating mode and have lots in the works too. I love your pumpkin people and have to say I prefer NO HAIR...looks more whimsical. Super cute project...thanks for sharing.


Hair, definitely. Although they are both very cute.


Wow! Those are both incredible! I love them both...truly. But I think i love the one without hair a little more. It makes her just a little more spooky!

I would love to be in the giveaway!


P.S. Gotta put you on my favorites. I am a closet paper crafter!

I really like the hair! Wow, these are terrific!! Halloween is my favorite holiday too!!! Please count me in!!!I would love to have a cute pumpkin girl.

i like her with hair. but I also love the touch of the skull on the belt!

girl, you're good ... really good

Ooooh it's that time of the year once again. I love fall, and I love pumpkins and I love pumpkin girls and your pumpkin girl is just wonderful!

Oh Lorraine your Halloween girls are enchanting! I love the one with the hair even better and that cat is awesome!!!
Have you signed up for Kari's Halloween blog & swap? I did last year but I'm not sure yet if I'll find the time again, still some swaps to finish.
Happy weekend to you dear far away friend!
xoxo~ Carola

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