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February 03, 2011


Congrats to Susan, and congrats to me to finding your blog. I was just looking through Kim Klassen's yesterday, thanks to your link. And am a huge fan of Vivienne's.

Gorgeous photos! So inspiring...

And congrats to Susan...she is super sweet and very deserving :)

Oh my. This quote hits home for me too. Your pictures are so beautiful--I could look at them for hours. I am new here, but will be following! Thank you for the inspiration--and beauty!

Beautiful Lorraine! They all look so wonderful!

I have that quote on my favorite tshirt! Your words are so beautiful lorraine and the flowers so pretty. Thank you always for your inspiration.

Your photos and post ae beautiful!

Lorraine this post is full of such truth and beauty! Your words hit a chord in me as I read tonight. Wondering if and when I will reach that potential, and am I working hard enough to attain it.
Your pictures are so amazing, each one such a work of art.
sending you hugs tonight...

Oh, I almost forgot. The store I got the pom poms...and one of my favorite places to dream is Details in Sugarhouse.

Love Susan ~ congrats
to her! And love your
pictures, Lorraine! Wish
I could join you at
Kim's but first I have
to finish my photography
course. Looks to me like
YOU could be doing the
teaching.....and that you
are truly blooming.
xx Suzanne

love love love that quote girl. the pictures are captivating! and you fly girl!

thank you Lorraine!! i sent you my email :) i love all your photos!! i've been thinking about kim's class but still in the process of the soul restoration class maybe after i'm done with that one! have a beautiful weekend! susan

Beautiful images

What a visual treat. I haven't even had breakfast, yet I feel as though I just had dessert. Came over from Kim's.
Have a beautiful weekend ~

Beautiful florals! Just found your blog via Kim Klassen. Have a great weekend!

Precious Lorraine! GOOD MORNING! And what a lucky winner! Oh, you are so sweet to think of me and come by to leave a comment! I was so tired last night that as I was trying to post my new post, I just decided I would finish this morning. It has been a long work week, but my weekends are well APPRECIATED! I just love your blog. Your style, the grace and sweetness is a repose for me. You are kind, gentle and I love reading your profile. I too, love my life. BLogging has become a very important tool for me to venture out as well, as you so beautifully articulate. Friends are the icing on the cake...have a splendid day dearest, Anita

these photographs are like the lovely, dreaming skin of beauty.

Stunning! Perfect creative mix ... words/images. Thank you for sharing.

Beautiful pictures and such beautiful words! Congrats to Susan!!!

Congrats Susan! Lorraine, this post was so beautiful the images the sentiment! I love this quote and made an attempt last fall, to try to sprout some dreams I had tucked away.

Thank you for sharing and I am happy you are finding your joy and blooming!xXx

wow lorraine! these photos are absolutely GORGEOUS! ranunculas are my very favorite flowers too! i LoVe these!!!!

oh my word!! gob-smacked! jaw-dropped!!

FABULOUS.. beyond... in LOVE... love.. LOVE...

and wow!!

xxo, Kim
and thank you..truly....

Congrats to Susan, and congrats to me to finding your blog. I was just looking through Kim Klassen's yesterday, thanks to your link. And am a huge fan of Vivienne's. Feel like I've found some new friends this week. Happy Friday, all!

I am loving the use of textures in your photos...so easy peazy when you get the hang of it.

I love that quote also. Your photos are lovely, so spring like. Have a nice week-end.

yea to susan. she (and you) will LOVE vivienne.
i am enamored with your photos today dear lorraine. i haven.t been able to figure out how to use textures and when i see your yummy work...it makes me want to keep trying.
i DO love you and all the encouragement you give to everyone to

Your images are stunning!!! Breathtaking!!!
Congratulations to Susan...such a sweetheart!

Happy friday my friend...I will carry your words into my weekend. xoxox

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