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February 10, 2011


Just found your blog, very nice. This tulip photo is gorgeous. I too lost my Mom a year ago and I think of her when I see flowers too as she was such an avid gardener. If you are looking for free backgrounds please visit my other blog: http://rusticpixelbackgrounds.blogspot.com/
Have fun! Sandra from Canada

Hi there...just fell upon your blog as people do sometimes...and wanted to compliment you on the sweet post about your beautiful mom. What a rich history you have! How cool you found that list on the web ! So neat:] Hang tight to the memories...We never stop missin' our mamas....Take care :)

thank you for the beautiful memories, i have been thinking of her too! love you...b

Tulips are beautiful and what a beautiful way to remember your mother. ♥

Such a beautiful post Lorraine and your photos are incredible. I so miss my mom and her favorite holiday was valentines day. She loved roses, cherubs and her house was decorated in pink, red, gold and black. It was always filled with love and felt like valentines day all year. It's so hard to believe she has been gone two years already. Time really moves on doesn't it? Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy those beautiful tulips and memories of your sweet mom.

oh Lorraine, i'm sorry about your mother. so lovely that you can remember her this way. your photos are beautiful! hugs, susan

I can feel your
sweet mama in these
tulip images. You
must miss her very
much and what a heart-
felt way to keep her
spirit with you! I
saw your mention at
Kim K's cafe and was
so proud of you! You
are creating such beauty
with your images, Lorraine!
Happy Friday,
xx Suzanne

Oh how I adore vintage family photos....thank you for sharing and for your lovely images...your work is amazing. Happy weekend...fill it with L O V E!

Such a beautiful tribute to your mother. She sounds like an amazing woman :)

Beautiful tulips too and textured photographs! love it!

hello my dear... such a beautiful touching post... the photographs are amazing. 'sigh'

and thank you for the amazing work with the new textures...truly.. WOW!! wow... Wow...

i had to share one at the Café.
see you in class, my friend... xxo, Kim

Precious one...I so love this...my momma died 23 years ago, but there are so many beautiful things around me that remind me of her so much. You have a beautiful heritage my dear. I know only two people of Indonesian heritage and what fabulous people. They teach Gamelan at my school. Bless you, may your pain be turned to peace as time wears on....thank you for your kind comments and yes, I did draw that little girl with the balloon!!!! Have a great evening, Anita

Your mother was so very beautiful as are you too! I loved hearing about her and seeing the pictures...family, the tie that binds! :D

she's beautiful... just like you. i can tell from the photos she was gentle and full of love, just like you.
what a history... i would love to hear more.

I love your tulips! Here you are posting beautiful flowers for spring, and I just posted a picture of our freshly fallen snow. (I am such a winter girl!)

Your mother is beautiful, and what fabulous photos. I bet it is so hard without her ... sorry for your loss. xo

What a wonderful flower to remember your mother by. You are doing a great job in your texture class. I'm glad you are having so much fun with it. It helps with the winter blahs to get creative. Enjoy your week-end.

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