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January 03, 2011


Thanks for the recipe...can't wait to try it! And it's perfectly okay to love chickens. I love mine too (all 50 or so of them :)

Beautiful cake!!
My son has a chicken blog :)

Oh em gee Lorraine! This looks amazing. I might even make it for myself....just because! I absolutely love it in the bundt pan. Who woulda thunk?! Cream cheese....i thin i died and went to french toast heaven!!
And it seriously is the coolest that you have your own eggs to boot. Awesome :)

Oh how yummy this sounds! I LOVE French toast and so I am definitely going to give this recipe a try. Thanks Lorraine:)

i want to come to your house and just have you MAKE that yummy recipe FOR me....with eggs your dear girls have provided!
this looks beautiful.
i tried on monday to make creme brulee french toast...it needs some tweaking too, but i think you have a winner.
thanks for sharing!
(do you share your cookie recipe too? i am STILL craving those)
love you

I have so enjoyed
catching up with your
posts....Your pictures,
decorating and spirit
are very inspiring!
Love the pic with the
eggs, especially. I'm
going to surprise my
kids with this yummy
french toast recipe
one morning before school.
{I know I must finally
be on the mend, as it
looks soooo good to me!}
Happy Wednesday. I hope
your year is off to a
great start!
xx Suzanne

Our chickens aren't laying eggs right now, yours must love that cozy house they have! The eggs are so beautiful and the recipe amazing! Thanks for sharing it :D

Oh that french toast is sooooo going to be made in my kitchen soon. Oh my that looks yummmm!

Praying your year wonderful and just so smile filled Lorraine.

Know I am thankful for you, for your blog and just the gift of you.

Hi Lorraine! I just read your sweet, SWEET comment on my blog about all of my family's Christmas homes and wanted to say thank you so much! I just looked at your home too in the previous post and it looks absolutely heavenly! Your home is just beautiful and you are a doll! xoxo


Yum....That looks super good! I'm going to try it.

Funny we just put heat out in the coop and egg production went from 1-2 eggs per day to 5 today! I am definitely going to give this recipe a try - looks yummie!

I'm happy to report that my studio is now almost done - those last bits are the hardest, but hopefully tomorrow afternoon I'll be creating in there!

Hugs ~
xo Heidi

how fun to have your own eggs! Your recipe sounds divine!

Those girls really lay some pretty eggs! I used to have hens that laid the bluish green ones, when I lived in the country in N. California. Yum I wish I was sitting at your sweet table eating that beautiful french toast! It looks so good, my gosh I wish I was closer...we are still having lots of rain. Its chilly here!

Hi Lorraine,

The French toast looks ever so yummy and as for the eggs, they are wonderful and I bet the freshly laid eggs taste even better. Love the different colours, especially the greeny ones.
Happy New Year, wishing you and your family the best ever year with much love, joy, good health and all that makes you happy.
Thank you for your beautiful friendship.


Oh perfect! Thankyou cute girl (and those hens!) for the recipe, I do love my bundt pan! Now I have a new dish for it. Your previous post was delicious as well....all the lovelies from your Christmas decor were a treat too! xo

This looks amazing...I can not stop baking...I just keep doing it everyday...my family thinks I am nuts! Now I must learn not to eat so much of it...it is a NEW YEAR!

Hugs and love for a great Monday. xoxoxo

That looks positively scrumptious! I HAVE to try it! Thank you so much!
Tata! I'm off to the grocery!

Tha french toast sounds to die for. Best of luck with bootcamp.

They look just like Martha's eggs! The French toast looks absolutely sinful and delicious; I haven't had anything that you have made that I haven't liked. I have truly enjoyed your blog, it makes me feel connected. HAPPY NEW YEAR dear friend. Remember someone in Washington loves you oh so very much.....Linda

What gorgeous images and what beautiful eggs...love the colors! The French toast looks divine, thanks for the recipe!! Wishing you all the best in 2011!!


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