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January 27, 2011


I love this post sweet Lorraine! Just beautiful imagery. Especially your LuLu!

Happy wonderful day to you my blog friend.

Oh and p.s. you asked a while back if you could pull the bible verses that I placed on my blog. Oh my goodness, you are so very welcome to do that. They are God's words not mine...so take them girly and do something wonderful with them.

I'd love to win a spot! I am on the most incredible journey toward myself and so much is synchronizing for me. This would just be one more step.

This is amazing! One of my best friends, Juli, and her mom Suzi are currently taking the course and recommended it to me. I'm on a journey, a lifestyle change, and with the changes in my body I am learning to become accustomed to being in photographs again. These beautiful photographs make me want to step back in front of the lens and capture my true essence for everyone to see!!

Wow...I read the "Beyond the Image" post and was so taken with it. Being overweight, I struggle so much with my physical, self-image. What's said is that I did this even when I was a much smaller size. Now I'd give anything to be back to that "horrible" size. I'm a writer and in 2011 I started a photo a day project. I post my pictures here, if you want to take a look: http://kelcrocker.posterous.com/

I've taken a few self-portraits, hated all of them, haven't chosen any for the photo of the day. I'm so intrigued by these classes. I'd love to win, and if I don't, I'd like to participate in the future. I've signed up for the mailing list. Thank you!

I am currently taking Vivienne's Wading In course and I would love to take this next one. I'll tweet about it as well. :)

I have the wonderful privilege of interviewing Vivienne soon, and through the process of researching for it I have fallen in LOVE with this course! I'm so glad that you have been touched by this work, and I am hoping that whoever wins this spot (be it me or another) is so blessed!

I am not going to
enter the giveaway
as I have my hands
full with the photo
class I'm currently
taking....BUT, this
does sound remarkable,
Lorraine....I loved
the thoughts about
self-portraits and
letting your light
xx Suzanne

Yeah.. This is so great. I would love to take this class I admire vivians work and cant imagine how amazing it would be to be a part of such a special class....Thanks

this is such a generous gift! thank you for offering it! i am a member of the current wading in class and although i am doing my homework i haven't shared any of it with the rest of the class yet. something about it all being new and me just trying process it, myself, first, but i am almost there! i am enjoying the class so much, it is opening me up so much, and inspiring in wonderful ways that i would love to join the next class and get deeper inton this lovely experience. it is so fun to have a baby belly in the photos, and my 3 year old makes it into several of them, too! what a thing of beauty to look back on!

I am expecting. I would love my daughter to see me and the joy I have in anticipation of her arrival through self photography. Thanks for inspiring us to look beyond other subject matter and into ourselves.

I've been window shopping that course for a while now :)

Hi Lorraine! Better late than never, I finally made it over here to enter your wonderful, wonderful giveaway!!! I added it to my sidebar as well :) Hope you had a nice weekend!!!


:) T

what an absolutely beautiful thing to giveaway... helping someone along their personal growth journey. i would LOVE to win!

I would LOVE to take this class! How fun!

wow! what a beautiful giveaway! i would love to win the muse class and continue on this path of opening up and living more fully while capturing these moments and re-discovering me! thank you Lorraine. who ever wins is getting such an awesome gift!!! good luck everyone!

thank you so much for including me in this post with such beautiful ladies... <3
that photo of your dear lulu is priceless! i adore it so much.

Vivienne and I go way back to our university days - we met in 1996 (how can we be old enough to have entered university that long ago?!?!). I am inspired by her current adventures, achievements, and goals... I feel that my life has stagnated, in comparison...

After university with Viv, I actually studied professional photography at the Dawson Institute of Photography in Montreal (at Dawson College). I left the program to fulfill a dream job opportunity with Parks Canada. I continued to photograph and create for a couple of years that followed my departure, but in recent years, the cameras sit and collect dust instead of collect images...

Today is Baby #2's due date (today - YIKES! Maybe I should get that infant car seat cleaned up and installed in the car!!). I honestly feel that I have lost a big part of myself - I am working in a job that I hate (classroom teacher, though I have just started my maternity leave and I feel a huge sense of joy with that stress being removed from my shoulders!), and still adjusting to my role as "mother" (even though Baby #1 is now 3.5 years old - and her name is Lulu, as well!). Finding time to balance my creative self (which has been forgotten and suppressed) has fallen off my list of Important Things To Remember To Do. Perhaps I should add it back on...

Regardless of whether this fabulous opportunity falls into my lap, I haven't been this introspective in a long while - perhaps I should sign up for the course, regardless!!


Understand exactly how you feel. Would love to learn to overcome the reluctance with self portraiture. Will be passing this blog post to me oldest daughter who stalks photographer's blog sites! lol

What a wonderful, thought provoking gift.
The eye behind the lens gives us insight into a mood,a thought, or a peek of something, we didn't see. I will check these all out...
Great post, with all fab photos ;-D

I am more comfortable behind a camera~

Dearest Lorraine,

It is always a pleasure to come by your way. I keep an eye to see if you are posting soon! Thank you sweet one for coming to visit; I am looking forward to a progressive week as our two new rooms are done with the exception of our electricity! It has been a long process, but I will be sharing some of the progress next post. Thank you so much for coming by!!! Anita

I'm taking her Wading In class now & would love to do this one too. :)

It seems like there are so many people already vying for this opportunity, that I almost decided not to throw my hat in... but actually I really feel called to this for these reasons:

*I've always loved photography but as many of us I've not been as comfortable in front of the camera as behind it. I want that to change. I want to step out and let myself shine and be seen (I DO have something valuable to offer and despite the fear I WILL go for it!)

*I'm taking Vivienne's Wading In course right now and am so in love with it all... I've been shy about posting a bunch so far but am getting ready to let more out this week... (ack!)

*I read your beginning quote and ending quote and knew that I loved you already. The beginning quote was on my very first website as I felt like I'd 'come home' the first time I saw that quote and wanted to share it with others. The ending quote is actually sitting in front of me at my desk (in its entirety) because I've always been such a huge Marianne fan and that particular quote has so often really touched me.

So there it is.. hoping that I was drawn to this for a reason... but either way, thanks for the opportunity.. awesome that you're doing this!


and would LOVE nothing more than to learn
some of her amazing tricks of the trade!!!

she is an amazing talent and i LOVE the sweet pic of our
dear friend C!


this is a seriously awesome and would love the opportunity to hone my photography skills.

love this post and I would love to take part in this course!

Pick me! :) i have never been easy infront of the camera and i have had my eye on this class for some time now!

Wow, how wonderfully generous of you to offer this. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

wow - what a treat. I too love photography but am so NOT computer savvy so my photos are just that straight from the camera...I would love the chance to learn how to get creative with my lens and the computer art of it....fun. Thanks for the chance to win..oh and I love your sweet words...

happy saturday

I've been so inspired reading Vivienne's blog lately. I would love to take this course!

wow, thanks for the chance to win. I am in love with photography and trying to learn to love myself..

Oh that quote from Marianne Williamson is so so good, one of my favorites.
This course sounds so yummy. I would love to be entered to win a spot <3

I almost said "nope not going to enter"...I never like to be photographed, just always critique myself and after the loss of my parents 2 weeks apart, I feel like I aged 10 years over night. I have always felt confident in my looks and style, but as I get older I do not like to see the aging process happening! AHHHHHH!

you are right! This is a fabulous giveaway! Count me in!

I love Vivienne and would so love to take this course with her!

Oh please enter me for the giveaway too! I've been reading about this course alot- but am kinda scared to enter... If I won a spot, I'd have no choice but to be involved! :) thank you for the chance!

Hi there~ I was brought here from vivienne's FB post. You're blog is lovely. I look forward to reading more. I would love to win Viv's class. I met her at a retreat awhile back and she is a pure delight. and oh so talented.

Thanks for this chance to get in tune with my inner muse!

I would love to take this course. I'm learning to express myself through self portraiture more and more, but I feel as if I'm only taking baby steps (though Vivienne's Wading In course is helping!)

I am taking Wading In and it's totally changed my perceptions of myself in photos. I was always the kid who would hide under the bed or lock herself in the bathroom when family photo time came around. I hated having my picture taken.

Taking your own self portraits gives you back ownership of being captured in time. It allows to explore your own image in a new way. It's freeing, really.

I was doing a TV shoot the other day and normally I would be thinking about all the things that were wrong about how I looked and then I realized that how I look is not as important as what I have to say. The only one who will be looking with a critical eye would be me and why would I want to beat myself up? I set down that baggage and just allowed myself to enjoy what I was doing. A paradigm shifted. It was like a massive tectonic plate, really.

So if anyone else is reading this and thinks they might want to take this class, I ask you this: What are you waiting for?

How sweet and generous! Id love to be taught by miss viv!!

Yes please!!! What a wonderful class and my friend...you are a beautiful writer. Gorgeous post!!!

I would love to take this course! I've been a fan of Vivienne for quite a while and am in awe of the things she's done. I'd love to justify this course but haven't been able to justify it for myself. How great to be able to win a spot! Thank you, thank you for this opportunity!

I love Vivienne (and wish that as we live in the same city, we'll meet in person someday).
Your blogpost is very inspiring, thank you !
I would be over the moon to join you Lorraine in this class, to go further in my journey of self-portraits to discover me.

That was so moving! WOW i realized by reading this post that i am always behind the lens ever since my children arrived into my life... i really need to step out, in front of the lens for myself and for my children to see! Love this love this love this!!!

What a fantastic e-course! i'd love to win! I want to be my own muse. Suzie

Oh, I don't like taking or having photos of myself taken at all. This could be very good for me, Lorraine :)

oh Lorraine this sounds wonderful! i love Marianne Williamson I have a couple of her books! thank you so much for the chance to join you!! have a great weekend!! susan

ahhh lorraine...
do you know how beautiful you are?
i am absolutely so excited to see what kind of person you discover behind your own lens.
this is so sweet of you to help spread the word about viv.
thank you so much
love you tons.

BONJOUR LORRAINE! How wonderful this is; I so wish I could participate. But what an opportunity really, to dabble into another realm of art that I never considered to be my forte; if you want fabulous photography, PLEASE GO TO ERIN'S ART...she just posted a fabulous post on WHITE and AQUA and the photos are all hers. Her link is found on the bottom of my page: ERIN'S ART.

Have a magnificent day! Anita

Thanks so much for your encouraging words Lorraine. Once again so eloquently stated and inspiring. I would love to take the e-course, I'm always unhappy with my photos so it would be a wonderful journey to learn to accept and appreciate them.

Beautiful post..........and Lulu! How adorable! Also Chrissy....gotta, gotta write on myself now. I have been looking for the quote by Marianne Williamson~ so perfect! Thankyou for letting your light shine sweet girl!! XO

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