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October 19, 2010


and your
how did i get so far behind?
i miss you dear friend.
sending hugs.

You doll is adollable~ I bought paper clay last week, can't wait to try~ Love all the inspiration over here!

I just love your sweet witch, you did such a good job!!! I can relate to the "old age thing" with our sight...I can't even see with glasses on!!!
It makes me laugh though, which is a good thing! I envy your time hiking in the hills by streams and lakes. I would much rather be there than at the beach. One day I want to travel to Wyoming...and kayak on a lake. :) Happy Weekend!

Your little witch doll is adorable Lorraine! Is her hair made from the clay too? I love all the detail. And I hear ya about the aging eyes! LOL!

I really like your doll. I was looking at her eyes. You really are talented!

Your little witch is so cute...love her.

Hello friend...OMG - I didn't go to art and soul this year...so sad..but looks like you had a blast. Your witch is dreamy...love here expression. I just posted my hand sewn witches. come by and check them out when you get a chance.

love your porch - it's spectacular.

happy autumn

Lorraine I love your little witch. My gosh you are so talented!!!
I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying Fall so much. Is really is starting to look like Fall here too. Oh I have a feeling your husband will get his snow, but I am trying to hold it off as long as possible.
hugs to you...

Your doll is oh so very darling! And thankyou for the great post full of art and soul inspiration! Music to my eyes this day:) See you around!

I just love all those dolls! I would so love to take a class to learn how to make those. Your witch is adorable! Too cute to put away after Halloween - I hope you display her all year. :)

I love her hair! The mix of the black and orange is brilliant! I also love the torn paper in her bodice. Can we make one when I come see you next? So fun!

What a darling little doll your created. And you are so lucky to have won a necklace from Jane, she is a very sweet lady. Continue to enjoy the fall the snow will come soon enough.

Hi Lorraine,

Your little witch doll is so cute and thanks for showing us the others work.
How wonderful you won the sweet necklace purse.

Happy Thursday

Oh, I love dolls! Yours is so wonderful!!!

oh Lorraine, your doll turned out fabulous! I especially love the little green trim on her booties; she is adorable. I'm so glad you finished her. (she is too!) xo

Your doll is amazing! You are so talented ...everything you touch is sooooo beautiful..oxox

I love your doll..very cute! I also love that witch..makes me laugh..so cute ;D

You are one talented mama. I love your doll.

Your doll turned out wonderfully Lorraine!
I'm sure it was a fun class.
Are you planning on going to artfest next year?
Cerri xoxo
PS, We should do that doll swap you mentioned before...one of these days. :)

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