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October 13, 2010


Wow, I love your painting! It's wonderful. So much depth. I really like seeing so many different styles from the class. Awesome!

your painting is amazing! sounds like a wonderful time and what talent! i really can't paint much of anything! thank you for your sweet comment, no matter how easy it might all look some days are a struggle. i hope you had a nice weekend and thank you so much for visiting. susan

What fun...I would love to do this! Your painting is amazing.

Can't wait for you to share more.

Hugs my friend for a great new week...I know you will make it a creative one. xoxo

Oh my gosh, Lorraine, was that your painting? I saw that on Katie's iPhone and swooned - what a soulful and beautiful countenance in that face and especially those eyes. Beautiful!

you were such a JOY to have in class and to spend time with. Your energy is so very sweet and kind and your creative energy swirls around you. love and hugs xoxox katie

what a wonderful experience! you all are so talented! enjoy wyoming!

I really love your painting, Lorraine. When are you going to start selling yours?

Lorraine you are so good!!! I love your painting and can't wait to see your doll... Have a great time in Jackson Hole, sounds like fun!!!

Your painting is lovely...she has a Picaso - esque look to her. I can't wait to see your clay dolls. So excited to see you Saturday! Love you...B

Your painting is really amazing! She must be a very good teacher. I went to Silver Bella last year and had the very same reaction. I kept saying that over and over and every time I saw Teresa MacFayden all I could say was, "I am having so much fun." I don't think everyone would feel like this ;-)


Hi Lorraine,

So glad that you had a happy time at the Art & Soul class and I loved seeing your painting and the other students paintings.
that is such a great quote from Pablo Picasso - I shared that on my last post.
Hope you and hubby have a lovely weekend away in Wyoming.


1. your painting is FABULOUS! i love love love it.
2. i am ever so happy that you had such a wonderful time. it IS a blessing to be able to participate in such artsy pleasures from time to time isn.t it.
3. i can.t wait to hear more about your adventures in art.
4. i was in HEAVEN creating with your precious art kit you made me...it was SO hard to take anything apart from it.s amazing presentation....i am in AWE of your birdie lorraine.
5. you are going to the LOVE capital of my life...JACKSON HOLE WYOMING. there isn.t a place on earth that i love more. i want to know every single thing you do. i wish i would.ve known, you could have stayed in our place there. next time i guess.
6. while you are there...this is your perfect time to snag some cowboy boots....super cute ones around town.
7. i MISS you.
8. i LOVE you!


How great that you got to spend that time getting in touch with your creativity. I'm kind of missing that I'm not getting that experience this year!

Your face is great, I knew you would love Katie and her class, she is such a gentle spirit. It was so fun getting to meet you, now I can put a body with the words of the blog how wonderful. Lorrie

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