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September 22, 2010


your photos are just beautiful!! i love reeses too :) susan

I don't eat chocolate often, but just yesterday I couldn't stop eating some mini-reeses cups. Not sure if the big ones have gotten smaller, but I did find chocolate-chip-sized mini ones (store-brand name) just for baking with! They didn't last very long at my house and I didn't even get to bake with them yet.

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pictures.

What beautiful pictures! You must have done something special on Photoshop (which is Greek to me, literally). Right now, I would love the peanut butter cup, too. I am craving chocolate!
Hugs to you and thanks for a lovely blog,

Such beautiful flowers. Oh and what a dreamy chicken coop...thanks for always sharing a piece of your world. Where do you live? Seems like a big coop for a city house.

Have a fabulous weekend.

YUM! I love Reeses peanut butter cups, I usually buy a bag of little ones so that I can eat a bunch of them ... the roses are so pretty, I bet they smell even better!

Hi Lorraine,

We do not get Reeses peanut butter cups over here, but they do look delicious and thanks for sharing. Your roses are beautiful and can see why this is your favourite, it is so pretty and the colour of a ballet shoe.
Wonder what the name of it is?
I have just had a cup of coffee and banana cake for morning tea and I am meeting my husband for lunch later.

Have a happy weekend

Oh thank you, they're my favorite! Sweet photos!

Mmmmm! I LOVE Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!!!
I haven't noticed that they are smaller. Now I'm going to have to go buy myself a bag and investigate!

P.S. Lorraine, your photos are beautiful. I love the soft look to them. Are you using a special lens or do you achieve that look in Photoshop?

I'm treating myself to art group, and my eyes just welled with tears thinking about it!!!! Can't wait to see you dear friend!

I am treating myself to time with my sister who is here visiting. We have a bowl of Reeses pieces beside us as we visit. What is better than good conversation, peanut butter and chocolate?

I think I am going to make my husband take me out for my favorite ice cream sundae tonight. I need one.

Such pretty images today...only you could make a peanut butter cup look so amazing. I have not had one for a while..hmmmmm maybe my treat of the day!

Hugs...and thanks for your encouraging words. xoxoxoxo

dear lorraine...
now i know for SURE that we were friends before...
reeses peanut butter cups? my absolute favorite. i had a dream last night that i ordered a HUGE shake just loaded with these nuggets of chocolatey wonderfulness and they didn.t add a pound to my waist either...it was a great dream.
i love your blooms and the little birdie guarding the peanut butter on it.s pedestal in the last photo. i also would love to see what wonderful aged table these treasures are sitting on. i am a sucker for old, chipping, full of history goods like that.
today i am treating myself to yoga and lunch with my honey!
{tell your honey hi from me while we are talking about honeys}

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