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September 08, 2010


Lorraine you created two beautiful dolls. Bella is a darling...and Lulu is a beauty. I adore the pictures my friend.
I think you have found your calling.
I laughed at you about the toilet seat cover. Do you think there are people out there who still do this??? Or am I the only one with a naked toilet seat?!
hugs to you...

hey there doll
aaawww these are beautiful photos!!!
hope all is well.

She is just adorable and Lulu looks like a prima ballerina! Your pictures are so incredibly beautiful, too.

I am just beginning to sew and hope I will get to "doll" someday!


Both just beautiful dolls!!!

cute bella and lulu...i thought i might see some peaches here! love you

Lorraine, she turned out wonderfully, and this post along with that charming film really stirred the doll maker in my heart. It's been such a long time since I have made dolls!
Cerri xo

Your daughter is beautiful!

dearest lorraine...
i am so proud of you for fishing sweet bella from the depths of the closet. how happy she must be now. and lulu...well, it.s all been said, but she is truly a doll herself. (dont forget i have a son her age..wink wink)
you are so creative. i used to make dolls WAAAY back when and i haven.t for years and you have inspired me to get out all my old limbs that have no bodies and get to it.
thank you.
huge hugs.

oh that doll is just darling and really completed these beautiful photos!

I love this photos of your living doll and Bella! How beautiful n' graceful~
Your touches are so pretty, I like the photos and how they evoke the quiet stillness and reflection of grace!

Lulu is a great model and what fun to join in and help Mom out! My daughter is like this, too~ Such sweetness!

It turned out so sweet! The best part is that your daughter loves it too!

Hi Lorraine,

I love the sweet photo of your very gorgeous ballerina, Lulu is adorable and looks so graceful and elegant.
How lucky she is to have her cute new doll, Bella.

Hope that you are having a lovely week

LOVE the doll, LOVE your girl...how lovely. It is time for art, isn't it? I agree! I have been WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY too busy! If I don't have time to create, write, read...too busy!
Hugs, Cheryl

What a beautiful doll ... and a beautiful girl too! They look so sweet together.

A very cute doll and your real life doll is even more beautiful..they look very sweet together! :D

I think you photos are beautiful...and your doll is adorable.

That is so sweet and pretty!

Oh, she is absolutely fabulous! I love her entire soft demeanor!

Your photos are lovely, they have such a marvelous etheral quality about them. Sea Witch

I see two absolutely beautiful dolls, Lorraine! They are both simply precious!!!

Pure delight...your LuLu is as sweet as anything my friend...what a beautiful dancer she must me..to do pointe!!!

My little dancer is back at it too...this year her focus is ballet..in the past it was lyrical and jazz with just one class of ballet but she decided she needs to focus on her ballet training.

Hugs and your sweet little doll is adorable....only you could make something so lovely. xoxoxo

A beautiful ballerina for a beautiful ballerina :). I also have a doll that I started for Annie which also just needs the finishing touches. I might need to get back onto that one...

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