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September 13, 2010


Yum. I want to go out and get croissants RIGHT NOW. Thank you for the recipe and the delicious photos.

I'm so seriously impressed!

Oh My Stars~ Simply beautiful and the bread pudding made my heart stop!

Many Blessings,

I am DROOLING over here! Those peaches are not only gorgeous but I bet they taste Heavenly!!! Gorgeous pics!

105 bottles of heaven! Oh, what a blessing to have a bite of summer in the dead of winter.

Thank you for the decadent recipe and the photos in my mind's eye! What a wonderful day; the memories made are as sweet as the ripe peaches!~

This sounds wonderful Lorraine! I love peachess and bread pudding is my favourite dessert - I will definitely be trying it out. I had no time for canning so I froze mine but I think they will be just fine in this recipe.

Hi Lorraine,

I like the photos of all your bottled peaches, something so nice having them for the winter months, when they are no longer around.
The bread pudding sounds delicious and thank you for sharing the recipe, I will try this.

Hope that you are having a great week

I love canned peaches! I don't really can at at all, myself, but these look like they will be SUPER yummy!

I'm so doing this for a family dinner on thursday ... wait
not the canning, the baking.....

peaches, a beautiful sight

What beautiful photos of those yummy peaches! thanks for sharing the recipe, cant wait to try it out!

That sounds sooo amazing. And all your precious peaches lined up...pure sweetness. I might have to save this one...for a day when I'm not watching the waist line obviously:)

Thanks for sharing the yummy recipe...Sounds great! Your peaches look awesome! Nothing as good as canned peaches..especially in the middle of the winter! When I loved in Kaysville I bottles so much of everything! ;D

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