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August 19, 2010


They looked so ridiculous with helmet heads walking around Wally World like Mad Max rejects. Another prime example of why there's a website called People of Walmart =D!

So tell us Mechgogo, is it customary to shop around a store with your motorcycle helmet perched on your head? Or using it as a shopping basket to carry the BBQ sauce?

How cute is LuLu and Ally is such a wonderful photographer. I just love those pics.

What a beautiful daughter you have, Lorraine. I just love all of those photos of her, especially with those glasses!

Love the pictures! She is such a beautiful girl...so innocent and oh, so very special.
I too have a daughter. She is 34.
Yes, it did pass by so very, very fast.....
Today, I am so very blessed by her inner beauty and the love she has for me =)
I pray it becomes the same for you.....

I love these pics; Your DIL did a marvelous job! Lulu was a great subject;I love how these photos represent her age so well. The
lines are blurred between her age and flashing forward. The poses reflect the goofy, gawky essence of being on the path to
being a woman. I love this stage...as they develop into themselves. She is beautiful...enJOY this stage! My daughter starts 9th grade, today! I loved the middle school memories~

Your daughter is beautiful. Best wishes to her as she starts this new chapter in her life. I certainly remember the feelings of sending my girls to middle school. You just want to protect them from all that they will see and hear there.
Hang in there Momma, they take what they are taught at home with them.
Cerri xoxo

Lorraine what a beautiful blog you have created.
Lulu is just a shining star,I truly enjoyed every photo on your blog !!!
What a pleasure to visit you.

What a cutie patootie...and such style :) Love all the pics!!

you are one blessed woman!

missing you
let's chat

Lorraine your Lulu is such a beauty. The pictures are amazing of her.
I had such a hard time with my girls going into jr. high. I guess because I remembered many of my own insecurities about that time. Good luck to your sweet girl on reaching this milestone.

Oh those are good. My babes start school after labor day. It's definitely a mix of emotions. I love the idea of homeschooling, but I would struggle with all the things you mentioned too.

What a wonderful photo spread of Lulu, I know you must have mixed feelings about her growing up. But she certainly appears to be a lovely young lady who you can be proud of.

with a name like lulu...she was destined to be a beauty.
your whole family just SHINES don.t they!
i TOTALLY get that "hold your breath" feeling of sending your sweet spirits to jr. high...YIKES.
gratefully she has a dedicated, present, loving mama to come home to each day where she can be grounded.
what a blessing...mothers like you...are to the littler spirits of this world.

oh boy! jr. high huh? I will be there before I know it! God is always in control! Even with jr. highers right? What a cutie she is!

She is totally adorable, natural and a whiz in front of the camera. You must be so proud of her.

Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on our blog. I am so touched!


Hey there doll
eeekkk she's so beautiful.
darling pictures.

She is so darn cute! I love those glasses...i am feeling a little blue that summer is winding down and it will be my lulu's senior year. Even when you try to savor the moments, they are gone in a flash...probably because we have such awesome kids :)

I homeschooled both my boys, 3rd - 7th grades and one son, 1/2 of the 10th grade. It was the most wonderful time of my life.
Your blog is beautiful. I think I found it through sweet, sweet, julie haymaker.

wow - what cutie.

These are such wonderful photos of your Lulu. I love how expressive she is - she's a natural!

I adrore these images....yes another Summer coming to an end. I am thankful for seasons...if all stayed the same wouldn't life be boring.
Hugs to you my sweet friend. oxxoxo

Oh my another year has gone by It goes so fast for us adults and so slow for those younger .It seems just days ago that Lou Lou was heading of to sixth grade. She will be just fine as she has such a strong home life !!!!

How beautifully written. I can feel your pride as well as your longing to freeze time, in your words. She looks like a really amazing person!

She is such a bundle of cuteness...I just want to hug her! These are quite the times for her and you...she will choose well because she has you..a wise, beautiful, fun mom! ;D

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