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August 06, 2010


Your lavender sachets are pure delight. Did you make the ones you show in the last grouping of photos? They are just wonderful and I was wondering if you sell them. I tried clicking on your shop icon, but nothing happens. I would love to purchase some if they are available.


Those sachets are fabulous....as for the girls hemmmm, I mean the boys, that story sure gave me nice chuckle. Thanks for sharing.

I'm so sorry to hear about your girls turning out to be boys...hopefully they'll get along with each other. And I'm so lovin' your lavender sachets...just beautiful!

Hi Lorraine...those satchets are all BEAU-TI-FUL!!! And even though you won't be getting any eggs, those roosters are completely gorgeous! I like the idea Carolyn had...maybe your neighbor would do a swap. :-) Good luck!

you "crack" me up .....

Wow...this is stunning! I am hosting a jewelry giveaway on my blog. Would love to see you there!

Your roosters are lovely....and your lavendar sachets are amazing in everyway...boy do you ever inspire me. I must go pick my lavender and create! You have soooo much talent my sweet friend. xoxoxxo

I am sorry but that is funny to me about the sweet roosters...they are very handsome :)
The sachets are so sweet, you just have a knack of making something so small , so special.

Oh watch out roosters can be mean!

Thanks for the beautiful tutorial on the lavendar sachets. What a truly special touch to her package. I'm going over there right now:)

what beautiful sachets! I love lavender!
Have a nice sunday,
Hugs, Yvonne

Hi Lorraine,

What a beautiful lavender sachet you got from Andrea and I love the one you made.
I have a little pillow near my bed at night filled with lavender, and I think it is meant to help you sleep.
Love the photos of you and your sweet daughter with the chicks. So sorry that they turned out to be little guys, maybe you could do a swap with your neighbour.

Have a happy weekend

Oh no! I'm sorry some of your chicks turned out to be boys. We had the same thing happen to us with bunnies when the girls were little...(did I already tell you about this?)

Now, about those sachets! Wow. Your sachets turned out beautifully. What a wonderfully simple concept. One of those things you think, "why didn't I think of that?!". :) I love all of yours as well as the simple one from Andrea. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this, I think I will try to make some w/ vanilla scented rice. (not a huge fan of lavender myself...weird, I know!) :)
Cerri xoxo

there is something so beautiful about chickens! My husband would never let me get any though. I love the lavender sachet that andrea sent you. I love it when they throw in a little extra something special!

Your sachets are all beautiful Lorraine, simply beautiful! Too funny about your chickens. Well, maybe not quite so funny on your side, but from here it makes for a funny story!

these sachets are stunning and what a fantastic idea. May have to try this myself. It's funny because I sometimes forget that you have a store and have waiting to tell you that I love all your goodies and have some things on a wish list I plan on buying soon...sending hugs your way.

Rotisserie! OMG....too funny!!
And I couldnt agree more about Andrea - she has amazing stuff! It sells super fast so you gotta be quick :)
Enjoy your lavendar and thanks for the tips....
Happy Friday!

Lorraine, I forgot to say that I really don't have any special tips about growing delphinium. I do know that the ones in really well drained soil do so much better than the few I have in denser soil. I do fertilize at the beginning of each season with Rosepride.

Beautiful, just beautiful Lorraine. I love the sachets. Both yours and Andrea's. This is what I have been doing in the studio lately too. The entire place is nothing but drying lavender. I am having so much sewing sachets.
Your roosters are too cute!!!

Oh, those are so pretty! I can't do lavender due to an allergy, but my husband loves it! LOL!

yes she is Zita!

I love lavender, it is such a peaceful relaxing fragrance. Sorry about the little chicks being guys I hope they don't mind their names!!!

I just love each and every single one of those beautiful sachets, Lorraine! p.s. isn't Andrea of Faded Plains wonderful?!!

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