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March 12, 2009


those look devine.

Thanks Lorraine!
My name is pronounced "My-ah", like Maya Angelou. It is a Latvian name- my dad is from Lativa!
Thanks for asking.
Did you love that Brazillian Lemonade or what?

YUMMY!!! I am making these cookies for my mom fo rher birthday on the 4th of april. But oh my does the stew sound gooooood do you have the recipe for it I would live to try it . Hugs Julie (ht)

Hi Lorraine, I am not much of a baker ( I love to cook), but my daughter Kate is 13 today and I just know she'll love your cookies. They were soooo yummy and such a treat at the nest. You have inspired me to have a nice batch ready for her today when she gets home from school. Thanks for the recipe. Ps. your little Lou Lou looks like a real sweetie!

That is one lucky little girl you have there Lorraine.
We all LOVED these cookies you brought to ArtNest to share with us.
I was showering the day Julie and Candice made the German Apple Pancakes but will have to try them someday.
Hope you are 100% better now and it was so fun to spend time with you and Heidi,and Courtney and Allyson.

YUMMM are these the amazing cookies you brought to the nest? If so they are by far the best i have ever tasted( and I have tasted alot of cookies!)
Jolee Jane

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