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March 04, 2009


Oh my stars Lorraine, what was I thinking with that artist post I commented on with you :) YOU are trully an artist. What beautiies you have created! I think one of those would look beautiful in my studio :) just sayin...Hope you are having a wonderful weekend with your loved ones...I think I will go to sleep now and come visit on another day..be well..be happy..be loved. Rose

ohhhh, these paintings are fabulous and the remembrances of the time spent together, make them even better. How wonderful to be around such creative, inspiring and loving women!

How wonderful! These are so beautiful art work!

I went last year- what an amazing event, wasn't it?

You retreat sounds amazing....I found you this evening as I just got word a friends little daughter is sick .......your angels really lifted my spirits..

Your retreat sounds so incredible!!! I didn't find out about it until it was to late to go. I have to make one of these retreats a priority. I can't imagine what it does for your creative spirit to be surrounded by like minded women. You painings are amazing and so fun to see others work also. I hope your time opened up creativity that you didn't even know existed.

I don't know exactly how I found you, but your art is wonderful! Can't wait to see what you will do next.

hi lorraine!

it has been so long since we have had a sweet baby in our lives too - it was fun for a day!

oh what a dream art nest must have been, maybe someday i'll get there! fabulous works!

xo heidi

So wonderful. Hope you are feeling well.

Are you crazy putting my painting on here?? No really thank you for this experience. You are such a great mom. I am one lucky girl.

They are wonderful works of art you have there!
So tell me, do you thin out the paint on the "paper collaged" canvases or do you wipe it off or how is that done?

SO many gorgeous paintings and so many gorgeous memories! Thank you for sharing. It was such a pleasure to meet you, Lorraine.

Until next time,

An abundance of wonderful pictures from our adventure. Thank you for sharing! -- Laurie G. (flickr "morningk"), Sacramento, CA

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